Friday, January 31, 2014

The Top 10 Crime Novels in Translation: Ann Cleeves

Thought I should post this link to Ann Cleeves' article in The Guardian: The Top 10 Crime Novels in Translation. Ann Cleeves will be at Left Coast Crime in Monterey. Keep tuned for news about a special presentation with Ann at LCC: Calamari Crime.. more to come.. Ann's latest novel Harbour Street is just out.

ANN CLEEVES (from The Guardian):

I love translated crime fiction.  It gives me the buzz of a good story but a delicious voyeurism too: the same sensation as when I'm walking down a street at dusk and people have forgotten to close their curtains.  Snapshots of different domestic lives, the food they eat, the pictures on the walls, the way they bring up their children.  We can learn about a country's preoccupations by reading its popular fiction.  Scandinavian crime has become so successful that books from other territories can be overlooked. Here are some examples to show that it's worth making wider reading investigations.

Read the article and list here!

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Anne Higgins said...

Thanks for posting the link to that list. I have loved all of Fred Vargas' novels, and am hoping to get my hands on the ones listed by Ann Cleeves.