Monday, August 22, 2016

James Bond Thriller Map

Atlas Obscura, one of my favorite sites, posted this James Bond Map. 

The Ian Fleming Thriller Map shows the real locations for all Bond’s escapades during the novels. The spy’s missions took him across four continents and dozens of countries-- to Japan, Seychelles, Mexico and French Guyana. Each spot, marked by cross-hairs, explains what happened for Bond, his rivals and lovers.

The legend for the map is divided into different books and lists his exploits during the most significant scenes in each adventure. It's essentially a list of ingredients for Fleming's recipe on how to plot a spy thriller.  Thrill

John Zelnick, an illustrator, created the map, which was published in 1987. This was the same year the Bond film The Living Daylights was released. The map forms part of PJ Mode’s collection of persuasive maps at the Cornell Digital Library.

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