Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I'm all for Bookmobiles. I used to consider the trunk of my 1985 Toyota Corolla as a bookmobile. If anything happened on the road, I would always have a book or 10 or 50. And, it was so convenient to lend books to others when I visited.  Just pop the trunk and rummage through. I finally traded that Toyota in last year--well I actually donated it to the local PBS station--and  I haven't accumulated quite as many books in my 'new' vehicle.  Let's face it 26 years made for a very eclectic and large accumulation of books. You never knew what you'd find. Definitely mobile.

So recently, Flavorwire  had a post on "Incredibly Unique Bookmobiles around the world".  Thought I'd share some of then. Be sure and check out the article and photos here.

The photo above is my favorite. 1949 Chevy-turned-bookmobile. 

The Camel Bookmobile in Kenya.
This Camel Bookmobile brings books to desolate area of Kenya.

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vallerose said...

Love book mobiles and really love the camel. what an ingenious idea!

Marjie said...

I love the bookmobiles! I now have a Kindle which I love/hate (still love paper best), but it carries a lot of books easily.

Lynda said...

The bookmobile that came to our small town in the 50s was a lifesaver to my brother and me. I remember my first library card - card stock with the rectangular metal plate.

I live in the Santa Cruz Mountains of Northern California now, and last year took a picture of the bookmobile that serves our area. Such a happy sighting!