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New Year's Mysteries, Crime Fiction, Thrillers, and Movies that take place at the New Year.  This is an updated list.

I wish you a safe, healthy, and better 2022. May Mystery and Mayhem only happen in crime fiction! 

Let me know if I've forgotten any of your favorites!

Crime Fiction Set at the New Year
As always, let me know if I've missed any titles.

Allyson K. Abbott: A Toast to Murder

Marian Babson: Line up for Murder
Bain, Donald and Jessica Fletcher. Murder She Wrote: Death of a Blue Blood
T. L. Barnett: Murder for the New Year
George Baxt: The Marlene Dietrich Murder Case
George Bellairs: The Case of the Headless Jesuit
Nero Blanc: A Crossworder's Gift
Paul Brazil: Guns of Brixton; Cold London Blues
Jon L. Breen: Touch of the Past
Rita Mae Brown: Full Cry
Alison Cairns: New Year Resolution
Lillian Stewart Carl: The Blue Hackle
C.S. Challinor: Murder at Midnight
Lee Child (ed): Killer Year: Stories to Die for
Anne Cleeves: Raven Black
Anna Ashwood Collins: Deadly Resolutions
Michael Connelly: The Dark Hours

Patricia Cornwell: Cause of Death
Mark Costello: Bag Men
Alisa Craig: Murder Goes Mumming
Isis Crawford: A Catered New Year's Eve

Jeffrey Deaver: The Devil's Teardrop
Colin Dexter: The Secret of Annexe 3
Carter Dickson: Death and the Gilded Man
Carole Nelson Douglas: Cat on a Hyacinth Hunt
Loren D. Estleman: Stress
Janet Evanovich: Plum New Year
J. Jefferson Fargeon: Death in Fancy Dress (aka The Fancy Dress Ball)
Quinn Fawcett: Siren Song
Jerrilyn Farmer: Dim Sum Dead
Frederick Forsyth: The Fourth Protocol
Janet Gleeson: The Grenadillo Box
J.M. Gregson: The Lancashire Leopard
Jane Haddam: Fountain of Death
Karen Harper: The Queene's Christmas
Lee Harris: The New Year's Eve Murder
Ellen Hart: Hallowed Murder, Merchant of Venus
Roy Hart: Seascape with Dead Figures
Lauren Henderson: Pretty Boy
Reginald Hill: Killing The Lawyers
J.A. Jance: Name Withheld
Rufus King: Holiday Homicide
Frances and Richard Lockridge: The Dishonest Murderer; Let Dead Enough Alone
Heather Dune Macadam: The Weeping Buddha
Ed McBain: Lullaby
Johnston McCulley: New Year's Pardon; New Year's Duty
Philip McLauren: Scream Black Murder
Elisabeth McNeill: Hot News
Leslie Meier: New Year's Eve Murder
James Melville: Body Wore Brocade
David William Meredith: The Christmas Card Murders
Miriam Ann Moore: Stayin' Alive
Tamar Myers: A Penny Urned

Nick Oldham: Bad Tidings
Leonardo Padura: Havana Blue (starts with a New Year's Eve hangover)
Elizabeth Peters: The Golden One
Edward O. Phillips: Sunday's Child
Denis Pitts: This City is Ours

Ellery Queen: Calamity Town
Craig Rice: The Right Murder
Gillian Roberts: The Mummer’s Curse
Cindy Sample: Dying for a Date
Dorothy L. Sayers: The Nine Tailors (begins on New Year's Eve)
Catherine Shaw: Fatal Inheritance
Joan Smith: Don't Leave Me This Way, Why Aren't They Screaming
Meg Taggart: Murder at the Savoy
Kathleen Taylor: Cold Front
Charles Todd: A Long Shadow
Auralee Wallace: Ring in the Year with Murder
Patricia Wentworth: The Clock Strikes Twelve
Valerie Wolzein: 'Tis the Season to be Murdered (aka And a Lethal New Year)
James Ziskin: Stone Cold Dead
Mark Richard Zubro: The Truth Can Get You Killed

Short Story:
Q. Patrick: "Murder on New Year's Eve"

You might also want to check out my Christmas list (Christmas Mysteries, Authors A-Z). Some of the action spills over into the New Year.

And here's a list of Mystery Movies that take place at the New Year.

Happy Viewing:

After the Thin Man (1936)
Better Luck Tomorrow (2002)
Entrapment (1999)
The Godfather Part II (1974)
Little Caesar (1931)
Money Train (1995)
New Year's Evil (1980)
Night Train to Paris (1964) 
Ocean's 11 (1960)
Strange Days (1995)
Survivor (2015)

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Andrew Vachss: R.I.P.

Sad news. Andrew Vachss has passed away. More information to come.

From Wikipedia:  

Andrew Vachss was the author of 33 novels and three collections of short stories, as well as poetry, plays, song lyrics, and graphic novels. As a novelist, he is perhaps best known for his Burke series of hardboiled mysteries; Another Life constituted the finale to the series. 

After completing the Burke novels, Vachss began two new series. Vachss released the first novel in the Dell & Dolly trilogy, entitled Aftershock, in 2013. The second novel, Shockwave, was released in 2014, and Signwave, the final book, was published in June 2015. Radically departing from Vachss' familiar urban settings, the trilogy focuses on Dell, a former soldier and assassin, and Dolly, a former nurse with Doctors Without Borders and the love of Dell's life. While living in the Pacific Northwest, Dell and Dolly use their war-honed skills to maintain a "heads on stakes" barrier against the predators who use their everyday positions in the community as camouflage in order to attack the vulnerable. 

The Cross series uses distinctive supernatural aspects to further explore Vachss' argument that society's failure to protect its children is the greatest threat to the human species. In 2012, Vachss' published Blackjack: A Cross Novel, featuring the mercenary Cross Crew, introduced in earlier Vachss short stories as Chicago's most-feared criminal gang. Urban Renewal, the second novel in the Cross series, came out in 2014. The third in the series, Drawing Dead, was released in 2016. 

In addition to the Aftershock, Burke, and Cross series, Vachss has written several stand-alone works. The first novel he published outside the Burke series was Shella. Released in 1993, Shella was the most polarizing of his works in terms of critical response. Vachss often referred to Shella as his "beloved orphan" until the 2004 release of The Getaway Man, a tribute to the Gold Medal paperback originals of the 1960s. In 2005, Vachss released the epic Two Trains Running, a novel which takes place entirely during a two-week span in 1959, a critical period in American history. In form, Two Trains Running presents as a work composed entirely of transcribed surveillance tapes, akin to a collage film constructed only of footage from a single source. His 2009 novel, Haiku, focuses on the troubled lives of a band of homeless men in New York City, struggling to connect with and protect each other. In 2010, Vachss published two books: his novel The Weight, is a noir romance involving a professional thief and a young widow in hiding. Heart Transplant, an illustrated novel in an experimental design, tells the story of an abused and bullied young boy who finds his inner strength with the help of an unexpected mentor. That's How I Roll, released in 2012, chronicles the death-row narrative of a hired killer as he reveals the secrets of his past, both horrifying and tender. 

Vachss has collaborated on works with authors Jim Colbert (Cross, 1995) and Joe R. Lansdale (Veil's Visit, 1999). He has also created illustrated works with artists Frank Caruso (Heart Transplant, 2010) and Geof Darrow (Another Chance to Get It Right, 1993; The Shaolin Cowboy Adventure Magazine, 2014). Vachss' latest graphic novel, Underground, was released in November 2014.[39] 

Vachss has also written non-fiction, including numerous articles and essays on child protection and a book on juvenile criminology. His books have been translated into 20 languages, and his shorter works have appeared in many publications, including Parade, Antaeus, Esquire, Playboy, and The New York Times. Vachss' literary awards include the Grand Prix de Littérature Policière for Strega [as La Sorcière de Brooklyn]; the Falcon Award, Maltese Falcon Society of Japan, for Strega; the Deutscher Krimi Preis for Flood [as Kata]; and the Raymond Chandler Award for his body of work. 

Thanks to Gabriel Valjan for this montage

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What a disapointment. Candice Renoir Season 3 was scheduled to start today (12/27/21), but it didn't drop. I really enjoy this French police series and was so looking forward to it today. News from AcornTV is that Series 3 is  estimated to premiere sometime in February 2022. Delay has something to do with the distributor..but who knows?

Cartoon of the Day: Stray Books


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December 26 is Boxing Day. I've put together a list of over 1400 mysteries that take place at Christmas, and although I'm sure several of the mysteries on the list continue mystery and mayhem through Boxing Day, I've only found a few mysteries that focus or start specifically on Boxing Day.

One Boxing Day Mystery is Nicholas Blake's Thou Shell of Death (1936). Nicholas Blake is the pseudonym of Cecil Day Lewis, the late British poet laureate.

Thou Shell of Death features Fergus O'Brien, WWI flying ace. Fergus receives four letters predicting that he will be murdered on Boxing Day. Despite this, or maybe because of this, he plans a party and invites all the suspects (there are several people who might want to do him in) plus private detective Nigel Strangeways. O'Brien does die, and it's up to Nigel Strangeways with the help of Inspector Blount of Scotland Yard to solve the crime. This is Blount's first appearance in the series. Thou Shell of Death is an oldie but goodie, especially if you like houseparty mysteries.

There are three other novels that focus on Boxing Day. A frozen body is found on Boxing Day in Viveca Sten's In Harm's Way. Another mystery is Gilbert Adair's The Act of Roger Murgatroyd that takes place entirely on Boxing Day. This is part of his series of novels about Evadne Mount, and is clearly a play on Agatha Christie novels. In another Boxing Day mystery, Death at Sandringham House by C.C. Benison, Her Majesty the Queen, along with her housemaid Jane Bee, investigates.

And, if you're unfamiliar with Boxing Day, it's the day after Christmas, when "servants and tradesmen traditionally would receive gifts from their superiors." Today it's a National Holiday in most of the British Commonwealth and former British colonies.

As far as why it's called Boxing Day, there are several different theories:

A ‘Christmas Box' in Britain is a name for a Christmas present.

Boxing Day was a day off for servants and when they received a ‘Christmas Box’ from the master. The servants would also go home to give ‘Christmas Boxes’ to their families.

A box to collect money for the poor was placed in Churches on Christmas day then opened the next day.

Great sailing ships when setting sail would have a sealed box containing money on board for good luck. If the voyage were a success the box was given to a priest, opened at Christmas and the contents given to the poor.

Are there any other Boxing Day Mysteries I've forgotten?

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Cartoon of the Day: Donner's Christmas Party


Mystery Readers Journal: Subscribe or Renew Mystery Readers Journal (Volume 38) for 2022.  

Donate a subscription to your Public Library! Great Reference!!

MRJ is going into its 38th year of publication

Themes in 2022: 

New England Mysteries; Art Mysteries; Africa; Legal Mysteries.

Mystery Readers Journal: Quarterly themed review periodical. 80-120 pages each issue: Reviews, News, and Author! Author! essays

Call for Articles
We're looking for articles and Author! Author! essays for the 2022 issues: Author! Author! essays are 500-1000 words, first person, upclose and personal about yourself, your books, and the "theme" connection. Themes in 2022: New England; Art; Africa; Legal.

For more info, email: janet @

Many back issues of Mystery Readers Journal are available as single copies in hardcopy or PDF.

Holiday Mystery Lists

I love lists, and I post holiday themed lists on my blog Mystery Fanfare. It's a great place to look for the most up-to-date list -- from Halloween to Mother's Day to Veteran's Day to Christmas (which is actually split into 4 posts).

Find all the Holiday Mystery Lists in one place on the Mystery Readers International website. Find any titles or authors missing? email me at: janet @ 


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I love the Winter Solstice. I love light, so I'm glad the days will now begin to lengthen.

I put together a huge list of Christmas Mysteries again this year, and I'm sure some of those authors/titles reference the Winter Solstice, too. Here are a few that really center on the Winter Solstice. Any titles/authors I should add?

Winter Solstice Mysteries

Cleeves, Ann: The Darkest Evening

Fitt, Mary: Death and the Shortest Day
Joan Hess: A Holly Jolly Murder
Jane Langton: The Shortest Day: Murder at the Revels
Henning Mankel: Italian Shoes
Ngaio Marsh: Off with His Head
Gladys Mitchell: The Dancing Druids

And, if you want to celebrate your Winter Solstice in chocolate, check out How to Make an Ice Cream Yule Log aka Buche de Noel on my other blog,


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221B Crime Culture Magazine: New Magazine from Turkey!

Fulya Turhan, the Editor of 221B Crime Culture Magazine in Turkey sent this note last week. 

A few days ago, we published the English edition of 221B, a detective culture magazine that covers the fields of detective literature, TV series, cinema, academic research, and comics, which we have been publishing every 2 months in print and digital for 6 years

We aim to publish 3 issues in English in 1 year.

 Our first issue can be downloaded from e-magazine platforms such as Mazgter, Amazon, Zinio, PressReader. 

For now, we are live on Magzter:

Very important academic research is carried out in the field of crime literature, TV series/cinema. And new detective novels, serials and films are made available in different countries every day. 

We are very happy to be able to publish an English edition on the history of detective fiction, current debates, and academic research for readers all over the world who love this genre. 

It is very important for the English edition to reach more people and increase intercultural communication. 


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Cartoon of the Day: Dogs


NOIR CITY 2022: Moves to Grand Lake Theatre - Oakland!

The Film Noir Foundation Presents: NOIR CITY 19 • January 20-23, 2022 • Grand Lake Theatre


The NOIR CITY film festival, a Bay Area cultural institution since 2003, returns from COVID hiatus January 20-23, 2022 for an incisive and inspiring four-day festival at a new venue, Oakland's historic Grand Lake Theatre. Produced, programmed and hosted by Eddie Muller, this year's edition, subtitled "They Tried to Warn Us!", showcases 12 movies from mid-20th century Hollywood sure to resonate with contemporary viewers.

Included are shockingly prescient films focusing on megalomaniacal politicians, corrupt businessmen, neo-Nazis, racism, anti-Semitism, sexual predators, serial killers, police brutality—even a viral epidemic! This NOIR CITY program could not be more timely or topical. "That said, this isn't like taking your medicine," Muller notes. "It will be a restorative tonic for folks eager to see classic movies again on a big screen and enjoy, with the prescribed protocols*, a return to the party atmosphere NOIR CITY is famous for." 

Buy Passport:

Cartoon of the Day: Cats

Happy Caturday! Happy Christmas!

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Here's my updated list of Christmas Mystery Short Story Anthologies and Novellas. There may be some overlaps and omissions. Let me know, and I can easily update.

For the Christmas Mystery Novel lists by author, go here: Authors A-EAuthors F-L, Authors M-Z.


Adrian, Jack: Crime at Christmas.
Andrew, Donna, Barb Goffman & Marcia Talley (editors): Homicidal Holidays: Fourteen Tales of Murder and Merriment.
Asimov, Isaac (ed.): Twelve Crimes of Christmas.
Avocato, Lori. Sugarplums and Scandal.

Bedford, Jean (ed): Moonlight Becomes You.

Benedict, Laura, Carolyn Haines, & Lisa Morton (ed): Haunted Holidays.
Browning, Abigail (ed.): Murder Most Merry.
Burton, Tony (ed.): By the Chimney with Care; Carols and Crimes, Gifts and Grifters; Dying in a Winter Wonderland.
Cornwell, Bernard: Sharpe's Christmas--Two Short Stories.
Bill Crider, Terence Faherty, Wendi Lee, & Aileen Schumacher: Murder, Mayhem, and Mistletoe
Dalby, Richard (ed.): Crime for Christmas; Mistletoe & Mayhem.
Doyle, Arthur Conan: "The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle".
Edwards, Martin (ed.): Crimson Snow (British Library Crime Classics); A Surprise for Christmas.
Floyd, John (ed.): The Gift of Murder.
Fowler, Christopher: "Bryant & May and the Secret Santa".
Gayford, Cecily (ed): Murder Under the Christmas Tree: Ten Classic Crime Stories for the Festive Season.
Godfrey, Thomas (ed.): Murder for Christmas--26 Tales of Seasonal Malice.
Goffman, Barb (et al., eds.): Chesapeake Crimes--Homicidal Holidays.
Greenberg, Martin H (ed.): Cat Crimes for the Holidays; Holmes for the Holidays; Santa Clues; More Holmes for the Holidays; Twelve Crimes of Christmas.
Halliday, Gemma (ed): Cozy Christmas Capers: 19 Holiday Short Stories.
Harris, Charlaine (ed.): Wolfsbane and Mistletoe.
Heald, Tim (ed.): A Classic Christmas Crime.
Hochensmith, Steve: Naughty: Nine Tales of Christmas Crime.
Holmes, Dee: Silent Night.
James, P.D.: The Mistletoe Murder and other stories.
Knight, Stephen (ed.): A Corpse at the Opera House; Murder at Home; Crimes for a Summer Christmas; More Crimes for a Summer Christmas.
Lovesey, Peter (Forward by): The Usual Santas: A Collection of Crime Christmas Capers.
MacLeod, Charlotte (ed.): Mistletoe Mysteries--Tales of Yuletide Murder; Christmas Stalkings--Tales of Yuletide Murder.
McCoy, Judi, Katherine Hall Page, Joanne Pence, et al: Mistletoe and Mayhem.
Manson, Cynthia (ed.): Christmas Crimes; Merry Murder; Murder Under the Mistletoe; Mystery for Christmas; Murder at Christmas.
Marks, Jeffrey (ed.): Canine Christmas.
Penzler, Otto (ed.).: Christmas at the Mysterious Bookshop; The Big Book of Christmas Mysteries.
Slater, Susan: Crooks, Crimes and Christmas.
Soles, Caro (ed.).: Blood on the Holly.
Wilson, Gahan: Murder for Christmas: 26 Tales of Seasonal Malice.

Christmas Crimes: Stories from Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine and Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine: stories by Ron Goulart, Edward D. Hoch, John Dickson Carr, Anne Cleeves, and more.


Allan, Barbara: Antiques Fruitcake.
Baker, Deb: Murder Trims the Tree.
Barritt, Christy. Pranced.
Bennett, Jenna: Contingent on Approval.
Berry, Linda (and others): The Last Noel.
Block, Barbara (and others): Murder Most Merry.
Brewer, Steve (and others): The Last Noel; Sanity Clause (e-novella).
Burke, Christina: Queenie Baby: Pass the Eggnog.
Calhoun, Lynn: Santa Puppy.
Coco, Nancy: All I Want for Christmas is Fudge.
Collins, Kate:  Missing Under the Mistletoe.
Coward, Mat (and others): The Last Noel.
Dane, Catherine (and others): The Last Noel.
Early, Barbara: Gold, Frankincense, and Murder.
Emrick, K.J.: The Ghost of Christmas.
Faherty, Terence (and others): Murder, Mayhem and Mistletoe.
Fluke, Joanne (and others): Candy Cane Murder; Gingerbread Cookie Murder.
Genova, Rosie: The Seven-Course Christmas Killer.
Hathaway, L.B.: A Christmas Case: A Posie Parker Novella.
Jaffarian, Sue Ann: The Ghost of Mistletoe Mary. 
Kelly, Diane: Death, Taxes, and Mistletoe Mayhem.
Kelner, Toni L.P. (and others): Murder Under the Tree.
Martin, Nancy: Slay Belles.
Mitcheltree, Tom (and others): How Still We See Thee Lie.

Nardi, Christa: Holidays, Hijinks & Murder; Holly and Holidays, Another Murder.
O'Donohue, Clare: Cathedral Windows.
Pence, Joanne: Cook's Christmas Capers.
Raybourn, Deanna: Silent Night--A Lady Julia Christmas Novella.
Robb, J.D. (and others): Silent Night.
Shelton, Connie: Holidays Can Be Murder.
Walker, Martin: Bruno and the Carol Singers.
Ward, Tamara: Jade O'Reilly and the 12 Days of Christmas.
Winston, Lois: Elementary, My Dear Gertie.

Cartoon of the Day: Styles of Writing

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Mysteries - The Enigma and the Intrigue: Pune International Literary Festival

Please join Manjiri Prabhu, James Ziskin, Liz Nugent, and Me on December 21 for a panel on: Mysteries - The Enigma and the Intrigue. Check the time for your timezone... Pune International Literary Festival.  

10:45 am EST

7:45 am PST

9:15 p.m. IST

How to join:

PILF2020 Facebook Page

PILF YouTube Channel

PILF Website 

PILF LInkedIn Page


Here is the final post of my alphabetical by author Christmas Crime Fiction Lists. Christmas Mysteries: Authors M-Z, an updated list.

Here are the links that complete my Christmas Mysteries list:
Check out Christmas Crime Fiction, Authors A-E,  Authors F-L  

As always, let me know if I've forgotten an author and title

Happy Holiday Reading!


Macbride, Stuart: Cold Granite; 12 Days of Winter.
MacDonald, John D.: Pale Gray for Guilt.
MacInerney, Karen: Mistletoe Murder; Mistletoe Murder.
Macko, Elaine: Armed.
MacLeod, Charlotte: The Convivial Codfish; Murder Goes Mumming; Rest You Merry; Christmas Stalkings; Mistletoe Mysteries; Counterfiet Christmas.
MacPherson, Rett: A Comedy of Heirs; The Blood Ballad.
Malliet, G. M.: Death of a Cozy Writer.
Malmont, Valerie: Death, Snow, and Mistletoe.
Manos, Blanche: Moonlight Can Be Murder.
Marantz, Bill: Christmas Eve Can Kill You.
Markham, Marion: Christmas Present Mystery (juvenile).
Markowitz, Jeff: It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Murder.
Marks, Jeffrey: Canine Christmas.
Maron, Margaret: Corpus Christmas; Rituals of the Season; Christmas Mourning.
Marsh, Carole: Haunted Christmas Tree Mystery.
Marsh, Ngaio: Tied Up in Tinsel.
Marston, Edward: A Christmas Railway Mystery.
Masson, Deborah. Hold Your Tongue.

Matesky, Amanda: Murder is a Girl's Best Friend.
Maughman, W. Somerset: Christmas Holiday.
McBain, Ed: And All Through the House; Downtown; Ghosts; Sadie When She Died.
McClintick, Malcolm: Death of an Old Flame.
McCloy, Helen: Mr Splitfoot.
McClure, James: The Gooseberry Fool.
McConnon, Maggie: Bel, Book, and Scandal.
McCrumb, Sharyn: Nora Bonesteel's Christmas Past.
McDonald, C.S.: Merry Murder.
McGinley, Patrick: Goosefoot.
McGowan, Claire: The Dead Ground.
McGown, Jill: Murder at the Old Vicarage.
McHugh, Mary: High Kicks, Hot Chocolate, and Homicides.
McKevett, G.A.: Cooked Goose; Poisoned Tarts; Murder in Her Stocking.
McKinley, Jenn: On Borrowed Time.
McLean, Donna: A Sparrow Falls Christmas.
McLintick, Malcolm: Death of an Old Flame.
McMullen, Mary: Death by Bequest.
McPherson, Catriona: The Reek of Red Herrings.
Meade, Amy Patricia: The Christmas Fair Killer
Mehl, Nancy: There Goes Santa Claus.
Meier, Leslie: The Christmas Cookie Murder; Mistletoe Murder; Mail Order Murder; A Winter Wonderland; Christmas Carol Murder; Eggnog Murder; Gingerbread Cookie Murder.
Menuhin, Karen Baugh: Murder at Malrose Court.

Meredith, Anne: Portrait of a Murderer.
Meredith, D. R.: Murder by Sacrilege.
Meredith, David W.: The Christmas Card Murders.
Michaels, Kasey: High Heels and Holidays; Bowled Over.
Miles, Terry: Dog Gone Christmas.
Milne, A.A.: A Table Near the Band; Christmas Party.
Mims, Jay: The Five Santas.
Miner, Valerie: Murder in the English Department.
Minichino, Camile: The Helium Murder; The Oxygen Murder.
Misto, Joh: The Devil's Companions.
Mitchell, Gladys: Dead Men's Morris; The Dancing Druids; Murder in the Snow; Groaning Spinney; Death Comes at Christmas.

Moncrieff, Ada: Murder Most Festive
Monroe, Willow: Mall Santa Murder.
Moore, Christopher: The Stupidest Angel--A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror.
Moore, Judy: Murder in Vail.
Morgan, Lorna Nicholl: Another Little Christmas Murder.
Morrell, David: The Spy Who Came for Christmas.
Morrigan, Laura. The Cat Who Stole Christmas.

Mortimer, John: A Rumpole Christmas.
Morton, Mandy: Ghost of Christmas Paws.
Moyes, Patricia: Season of Snows and Sins; Who Killed Father Christmas?.
Mugavero, Liz: Purring Around the Christmas Tree.

Muldoon, Meg: Murder in Christmas River; Madness in Christmas River.
Muller, Marcia: There's Nothing to be Afraid Of.
Murphy, Shirley Rousseau: Cat Deck the Halls; Cat Coming Home; Cat Bearing Gifts.
Myers, Ann: Feliz Navidead.

Nabb, Magdalen: Death of an Englishman.
Naigle, Nancy: Christmas Joy.

Nash, Anne: Said with Flowers.
Neel, Janet: Death's Bright Angel.
Nelson, Hugh: The Season for Murder.
Nesbo, Jo: The Redeemer.
Nesser, Hakan: Woman with Birthmark; The Darkest Day.
Nixon, Joan: The Christmas Eve Murder.
Norden, Robert: Death Beneath the Christmas Tree.
Norton, Jemima: The Mistletoe Bride.

Ockley, Martha: The Advent of Murder.

O'Connell, Carol: Judas Child.

O'Connor, Carlene: Murder at an Irish Christmas.
Oldham, Nick: Bad Tidings.

O'Marie, Sr. Carol Anne: Advent of Dying; Murder in Ordinary Time; A Novena for Murder.
O'Nan, Stewart: Last Night at the Lobster.
Oust, Gail: Ginger Snapped; The Twelve Dice of Christmas.

Page, Katherine Hall: The Body in the Big Apple; The Body in the Bouillon; The Body in the Sleigh.
Paige, Shelton: Merry Market Murder.
Painter, Kristen: Miss Frost Solves a Cold Case.
Pajer, Bernadette: The Edison Effect.
Palmer, William: The Dons and Mr Dickens.
Papazoglou, Orania: Rich, Radiant Slaughter; Charisma.

Parker, Ann. Mortal Music.
Parker, Gary E.: Death Stalks a Holiday.
Parker, Robert: The Widening Gyre.
Parra, Nancy J: Flourless to Stop Him.
Patterson, James: Merry Christmas, Alex Cross; The 19th Christmas; The Christmas Mystery.
Paul, Barbara: A Chorus of Detectives.
Pearl, Jack: Victims.
Pearson, Carol Lynn: A Stranger For Christmas.
Pelecanos, George: Nick's Trip.
Pence, Joanne: Two Cooks A-Killing; The Thirteenth Santa.
Penhallow, Sara: The Christmas Tree Farm Murders.
Penny, Louise: A Fatal Grace; How the Light Gets In.
Perry, Anne: A Christmas Beginning; A Christmas Grace; A Christmas Guest; A Christmas Journey; A Christmas Secret; A Christmas Visitor; Silence in Hanover Close; A Christmas Promise; A Christmas Garland; A Christmas Odyssey; A Christmas Secret; A Christmas Hope... and more.
Perry, Carl J.: Bells, Spells, and Murders.
Peters, Elizabeth: He Shall Thunder in the Sky; Trojan Gold.
Peters, Ellis: A Rare Benedictine; The Raven in the Foregate.
Philips, Scott: The Ice Harvest.

Pine, Alex: The Christmas Killer.

Plakcy, Neil: Dog Have Mercy.
Pomidor, Bill: Mind Over Murder.
Pronzini, Bill: Snowbound.
Pryce, Malcolm: Don't Cry For Me Aberystwyth.
Pulver, Mary Monica: Original Sin.
Purser, Ann: Murder on Monday.
Quashie, Colin: Spirits in a Material World.
Queen, Ellery: The Finishing Stroke; Cat of Many Tails; Calamity Town; The Egyptian Cross Mystery; Murder at Christmas.
Quentin, Patrick: Follower.

Quilford, Sally: Mistletoe Mystery

Quinn, Spencer: Santa 365; It's a Wonderful Woof 

Radford, E. & M.A.: Who Killed Dick Whittington.

Raphael, Lev: Burning Down the House.
Rawlins, Linda. Misty Winter.
Rawls, Randy: Jingle's Christmas.
Ray, Robert J.: Merry Christmas, Murdock.

Redmond, Heather. A Christmas Carol Murder.
Reilly, Linda: Claws for Celebration.
Reinsmith, Richard: Body for Christmas.
Richards, Emilie: Let There be Suspects.

Richey, Sheri: Silent Night Dynamite; A Tough Nut to Crack
Rickman, Phil: Midwinter of the Spirit.
Riggs, John R.: Haunt of the Nightingale.
Riley, Kelly Ann: Homespun Holidays.
Ripley, Ann: The Christmas Garden Affair.
Ripley, J.R.: How the Finch Stole Christmas.
Rizer, Fran: A Corpse Under the Christmas Tree.
Rizzolo, S.K.: The Rose in the Wheel.
Robb, J.D.: Holiday in Death; Apprentice in Death; Brotherhood in Death; Festive in Death.
Roberts, Gillian: The Mummer's Curse; Philly Stakes.
Roberts, Sheila: On Strike for Christmas; The Nine Lives of Christmas.
Robinson, David W: Christmas Crackers, A Murder for Christmas.
Robinson, Peter: Past Reason Hated; The Price of Love and Other Stories (collection).
Rockwell, Patricia: Papoosed.

Roger, Janet: Shamus Dust.
Roosevelt, Elliott: The White House Pantry Murder.
Roper, Gail: Caught in the Act.
Rosenfelt, David: The Twelve Dogs of Christmas; Deck the Hounds; Dachshund Through the Snow; Silent Bite; Best in Snow.
Rosett, Sara: Mistletoe, Merriment and Murder; Menace at the Christmas Marker; Murder on a Midnight Clear.

Ross, L.J.: Ryan's Christmas. 

Ross, Rosemary: Christmas Candy Corpse.
Rotch, Lawrence: Mistletoe and Murder.
Rowe, Jennifer: Death in Store; Love Lies Bleeding.
Rubino, Jane: Fruit Cake; Homicide for the Holidays.
Ruell, Patrick: Red Christmas.
Russell, Alan: St. Nick.
Russell, Michael: The City in Darkness.
Ryan, Annelise: Lucky Stiff.
Ryan, Jenna: Mistletoe and Murder.

Sample, Cindy: Dying for a Dance.
Salonen, Debra. Montana Secret Santa.
Sanders, Lawrence: The Fourth Deadly Sin.
Santangelo, Elena: Poison to Purge Melancholy; Double Cross.

Maureen Sarsfield: Murder at Beechlands.
Saums, Mary: When the Last Magnolia Weeps.
Sawyer, Corinne Holt: Ho Ho Homicide.
Sayers, Dorothy L.: The Nine Tailors.
Schaler, Karen: Christmas Camp.

Scherf, Margaret: The Gun in Daniel Webster's Bust.
Schneider, Maria: Executive Sick Days.
Schumacher, Aileen: Framework for Death.
Schweizer, Mark: The Alto Wore Tweeds; The Christmas Cantata.
Scott, Laura: Her Mistletoe Protector.
Sedaris, David: Holidays on Ice.
Sedley, Kate: The Christmas Wassail.

Seedorf, Julie: The Discombobulated Decipherers.

Sefton, Maggie: Fleece Navidad.
Sellars, M.R.: Perfect Trust.
Serafin, David: Christmas Rising.
Shaber, Sarah: Shell Game (aka Burying Ground).
Shannon, Dell: No Holiday For Crime.
Shaw, J.D: Yule Be the Death of Me.
Shaw, M.B.: Murder at the Mill.
Shea, Susan: Dressed for Death in Burgundy.
Shelton, Connie: Sweet Holidays; Holidays Can Be Murder.
Shelton, Paige: Merry Market Murder; A Christmas Tartan.
Sibley, Celestine: Spider in the Sink.
Simenon, Georges: Maigret's Christmas.
Slan, Joanna Campbell: Handmade, Holiday, Homicide.
Sleeman, Susan: The Christmas Witness; Christmas Conspiracy; High-Caliber Holiday.
Smith, Barbara Burnett: Mistletoe From Purple Sage; Tis the Season for Murder (with Fred Hunter).
Smith, Frank: Fatal Flaw.
Smith, George Harmon: The Christmas Angel.
Smith, Joan: Don't Leave Me This Way.
Smith, Karen Rose: Slay Bells Ring.
Smith, Terrence: The Devil and Webster Daniels.
Smoak, Amanda: Generals' Row.

Smucker, Judy Clemens. To Thine Own Self Be True.
Sprinkle, Patricia: A Mystery Bred in Buckhead.
Stagge, Jonathan: The Yellow Taxi.
Stanley, J. B.: The Battered Body.

Stevens, Robin: Mistletoe and Murder.
Stout, Rex: And Four to Go.
Strohmeyer, Sarah: Bubbles All the Way.
Swanson, Denise: Murder of a Barbie and Ken; Murder of a Stacked Librarian.
Symons, Julian: The Detling Secret.

Talley, Marcia: Occasion of Revenge.
Tate, Valerie: The Reindeer Caper.
Taylor, Elizabeth Atwood: The Cable Car Murder.
Taylor, Hudson: Death of a Christmas Tree Man.
Taylor, Sarah Stewart: O' Artful Death.
Temple, Lou Jane: Death is Semisweet.
Tesh, Jane: Mixed Signals.
Tesler, Nancy: Slippery Slopes and Other Deadly Things.
Thames, Nancy: Waiting for Santa.
Theorin, Johan: The Darkest Room.
Thomas, Billie: Murder on the First Day of Christmas.
Thomas, Lisa: Sharpe Edge.

Thomas, Wendall. Drowned Under.
Thompson, Carlene: The Way You Look Tonight.
Thompson, Victoria. Murder on St Nicholas Avenue.
Thynne, Molly. The Crime at the Noah's Ark.

Todd, Charles: The Walnut Tree.
Tooke, John: On the Twelfth Day of Christmas.
Tope, Rebecca: Trouble in the Cotswolds; A Cotswold Christmas Mystery.
Tourney, Leonard D.: Knaves Templar.
Tremayne, Peter: The Haunted Abbot.
Trent, Gayle: Clause of Death.
Trent, Teresa: The Deadliest Christmas Pageant Ever.
Trocheck, Kathy: A Midnight Clear.
Trocheck, Kathy Hogan (as Mary Kay Andrews): Fatal Fruitcake; Blue Christmas; Christmas Bliss.
Tyson, Wendy: Seeds of Revenge.

Underwood, Michael: A Party to Murder.
Unsworth, Barry: Morality Play.

VanLeeuwen, Jean: The Great Christmas Kidnapping Caper.
Verburg, C.J.: Silent Night Violent Night.
Victor, Cynthia: What Matters Most.
Viets, Elaine: Murder With All the Trimmings.

Wait, Lea: Shadows on a Maine Christmas; Thread the Halls.
Wainwright, Noreen: Crime at Christmas.
Walker, Persia: Darkness and the Devil behind Me.
Waller, Gail & Jim Gilber: A Kudzu Christmas.
Walsh, Thomas: The Resurrection Man.
Ward, Donald: Our Little Secret.
Washburn, Livia: The Gingerbread Bump-Off; The Christmas Cookie Killer.
Webb, Peggy: Elvis and the Blue Christmas Corpse.
Webber, Heather: Trouble Under the Tree.
Weir, Charlene: A Cold Christmas.
Weiss, Kirsten: Deja Moo.
Welk, Mary: Deadly Little Christmas; A Merry Little Murder.
Wenger, Christine: It's a Wonderful Knife.
Wentworth, Patricia: The Clock Strikes 12. 
Wescott, T.C.: Slay Bells ... are you Listening?
White, Anne: Cold Winter Nights.
Wildwind, Sharon: First Murder in Advent.
Wilkinson, Kerry. No Place Like Home.

Willan, Jane: The Hour of Death.
Williams, David: Murder in Advent.
Williams, Paul. Twelve Days.

Willig, Lauren: The Mischief of the Mistletoe.
Windsor, Patricia: The Christmas Killer.
Wingfield, R.D.: Frost at Christmas.
Winston, Lois: Drop Dead Ornaments.
Wishart, David: Last Rites

Wittig, Clifford: Catt Out of the Bag.
Wolzien, Valerie: Deck the Halls With Murder; 'Tis the Season to be Murdered; We Wish You a Merry Murder.

Woods, Sherryl: Christmas at White Pines.
Wright, Eric: The Man Who Changed His Name.

Yaffe, James: Mom Meets Her Maker.

Young, Kelly: Christmas Tree Mystery
Young, Suzanne: Murder by Yew; Murder by Christmas.

Zelvin, Elizabeth: Death Will Get You Sober.
Zoltack, Nicole: Mistletoe, Marriage, & Murder.

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Cartoon of the Day: Cats and Dogs



Today, I continue the Christmas Mystery/Crime Fiction list, with Authors F-L. It's amazing how many mysteries are set during the holidays, but it's such a stressful time, I shouldn't be all that surprised.

Today Christmas Crime Authors F-L. Be sure and check the previous list Christmas Mysteries, Authors A-E. I've updated it. Please let me know if I've forgotten an author or book. And more authors and titles to come. Be Merry!


Fairstein, Linda A.: The Deadhouse; The Crime and the Crystal; A Small World of Murder.
Farjeon, J.J.: Mystery in White.
Farrow, John: City of Ice.

Farrow, Sharon: Hollyberry Homicide.
Fawcett, Quinn: Siren Song.
Fennelly, Tony: Home Dead for Christmas.
Fenris, Morris: Miracle of Christmas Boxed Set.

Ferrars, E.X.: Smoke Without Fire; The Small World of Murder; The Crime and the Crystal.
Ferris, Monica: Crewel Yule; A Stitch in Time.
Finch, Charles: The Fleet Street Murders.
Finnis, Jane: A Bitter Chill.
Fishback, Beatrice: Winter Writerland.

Fletcher, Jessica (Donald Bain): A Little Yuletide Murder; Manhattans and Murder.
Flower, Amanda: A Plain Disappearance; Candy Cane Crime.
Fluke, Joanne: Sugar Cookie Murder; Plum Pudding Murder; Candy Cane Murders; Gingerbread Cookie Murder; Christmas Caramel Murder; Christmas Cake Murder.
Flynn, Brian: The Murders Near Mapleton: Exit Sir John.
Foley, Rae: Hundreth Door; Where is Mary Bostwick?.
Follett, Ken: Whiteout.
Ford, Leslie: The Simple Way of Poison.
Fowler, Earlene: The Saddlemaker's Wife.
Fox, Sarah: Yeast of Eden.
Fraser, Anthea: The Nine Bright Shiners; White Christmas with a Wobbly Knee; Snowballs and Scotch Mist; Christmas Mourning.
Frazer, Andrea: Snowballs and Scotch Mist; Christmas Morning.
Frazer, Margaret: The Servant's Tale; The Widow's Tale.
Freeburn, Christina: Not a Creature Was Stirring.

Fremlin, Celia: The Long Shadow.

Freydont, Shelley: A Merry Little Murder; Silent Knife.
Frommer, Sara Hoskinson: Witness in Bishop Hill.
Frost, Jacqueline: Twelve Slays of Christmas; 'Twas the Knife Before Christmas.
Fruttero, Carlo & Franco Lucentini: Enigma in Luogo di Mare.
Furlong-Bolliger, S.: Christmas in Killarney.
Furst, Clyde Bowman: The Observations of Professor Maturin.
Fry, Patricia: A Picture-Purrfect Christmas.

Gaardner, Jostein: The Christmas Mystery.
Gagnon, Michelle: Kidnap and Ransom.
Galenorn, Yasmine: Ghost of a Chance.
Gano, John: Inspector Proby's Christmas.
Garner, James Finn: Politically Correct Holiday Stories--For an Enlightened Yuletide Season (collection).
Garnet, A. H.: The Santa Claus Killer.
George, Anne: Murder on a Bad Hair Day.
Gerber, Daryl Wood: Wreath between the Lines.
Gilchrist, Aimee: Mele Kalikimaka Murder.
Giroux, E. X.: Death for a Dietician.
Gold, Ginny: Gingerdead Man.
Goldenbaum, Sally: A Holiday Yarn; Trimmed with Murder.

Gonda, Judith: Murder in the Christmas Tree Lot.
Goodhind, J.G.: The Ghost of Christmas Past.
Goodman, Jonathan: Murder on the Aisle.
Gordon, Alan: Thirteenth Night; The Moneylender of Toulouse.
Gorman, Edward: Murder on the Aisle.
Gouze, Roger: A Quiet Game of Bambu.
Grabenstein, Chris: Hell for the Holidays; Slay Ride.
Grace, Alexa: Deadly Holiday.
Grace, C.L.: The Merchant of Death.
Grace, Margaret: Mayhem in Miniature; Manhattan in Miniature.
Grafton, Sue: E is for Evidence.
Graham, Heather: The Last Noel; A Season of Miracles.
Granger, Ann: A Season for Murder; Dead in the Water.
Grant, Ellie: Treacherous Tart.
Graves, Sarah: Wreck the Halls.
Greeley, Andrew: The Bishop and the Three Kings.
Green, Christine: Deadly Partners.
Greenwood, Kerry: Murder in the Dark; Forbidden Fruit.
Greenwood, Patrice. As Red as Any Blood.

Gregory, Susanna: A Conspiracy of Violence.
Griffey, Jackie: The Nelson Scandal.
Griffiths, Elly. Smoke and Mirrors.
Grimes, Martha: Jerusalem Inn; The Old Fox Deceived; The Man with a Load of Mischief.
Guest, Judith: Killing Time in St. Cloud.
Gunn, Victor: Death on Shivering Sand.
Gunning, Sally: Ice Water.

Haddam, Jane: Not a Creature Was Stirring; A Stillness in Bethlehem.
Hager, Jean: The Last Noel.
Haines, Carolyn: Buried Bones; A Gift of Bones.
Hall, Parnell: A Puzzle in a Pear Tree.
Hall, Robert Lee: Benjamin Franklin and a Case of Christmas Murder.
Halliday, Gemma: Christmas in High Heels.
Hallinan, Timothy: Fields Where They Lay.
Hamilton, Victoria: White Colander Crime.
Hammett, Dashiell: The Thin Man.
Handler, David: The Snow White Christmas Cookie.

Hannah, Darci: Murder at the Christmas Cookie Bake-Off.
Hardwick, Richard: The Season to be Deadly.
Hare, Cyril: An English Murder.
Harmon, Ken: The Fat Man--A Tale of North Pole Noir

Harnetiaux, Trish. White Elephant.

Harper, Karen: The Queene's Christmas.
Harris, Charlaine: Shakespeare's Christmas.
Harris, Joanne: Chocolat.
Harris, Lee: The Christmas Night Murder.
Harrison, Janis: Murder Sets Seed.
Hart, Carolyn: Sugarplum Dead; Merry, Merry Ghost.
Hart, Ellen: Vital Lies; Murder in the Air.
Hart, Roy: Seascape with Dead Figures.
Harvey, John: Cold Light.

Hathway, L.B. The Vanishing of Dr Winter.
Haven, Heather: The CEO Came DOA; Iced Diamond; Christmas Trifle
Hay, Mavis Doriel: The Santa Klaus Murder.
Heald, Tim: Classic Christmas Crime.
Healy, Mel: Black Marigolds.
Heath, Sandra: Mistletoe Mischief.
Hechtman, Betty: You Better Knot Die.
Heistand, Jo: A Recipe for Murder.

Hellmann, Libby: Set the Night on Fire.
Hemlin, Tim: A Catered Christmas.
Hennrickus, Julie: A Christmas Peril.

Hess, Joan: A Holly, Jolly Murder; O Little Town of Maggody.
Hesse, Jennifer David: Bell, Book & Candlemas; Yuletide Homicide.
Heyer, Georgette: Envious Casca; A Christmas Party.
Hiassen, Carl: Tourist Season.
Hill, Reginald: Death's Jest Book; A Clubbable Woman; Red Christmas.
Hilton, John Buxton: Death in Midwinter.
Hinkemeyer, Michael: A Time to Reap.
Hochgatterer, Paulus: The Sweetness of Life.
Hodgkin, Marion Rous: Dead Indeed.
Holland, Isabelle: A Fatal Advent.
Holliday, Susi. The Deaths of December.
Hollis, Lee: Death of a Christmas Caterer.
Holmes, Dee. The Unexpected Gift.
Holms, Joyce: Thin Ice.
Honigford, Cheryl: Homicide for the Holidays.
Howell, Dorothy: Slay Bells and Satchels.
Howie, Edith: Murder for Christmas.
Howlett, John: The Christmas Spy.
Hughes, Cledwyn: The Inn Closes for Christmas; The Different Drummer.
Hughes, Mary Ellen: Wreath of Deception.
Hume, Fergus: The Coin of Edward VII.
Hunter, Alan: Landed Gently.
Hunter, Ellen Elizabeth: Murder on the Candlelight Tour; Christmas Wedding; Murder at the Holiday Flotilla.
Hunter, Evan: Come Winter.
Hunter, Fred: Ransom for a Holiday; 'Tis the Season for Murder; Homicide for the Holidays.
Husom, Christine: The Iced Princess.
Hyatt, Georgette: Envious Casca.

Hyzy, Julie: Hail to the Chef.
Iams, Jack: Do Not Murder Before Christmas.

Indridason, Arnaldur: Voices.
Innes, Michael: A Comedy of Terrors; Christmas at Candleshoe; There Came Both Mist and Snow.

Ireland, Liz: Mrs. Claus and the Santaland Slayings.
Irving, Karen: Jupiter's Daughter.
Ivie, Judith: Drowning in Christmas.

Jackson, Melanie: Murder on Parade; Requiem at Christmas.
Jaffe, Jody: Chestnut Mare, Beware.
Jahn, Cathie: Add One Dead Critic.
Jahn, Michael: Murder on Fifth Avenue.
James, CeeCee: The Frosty Taste of Scandal.

James, Miranda: Six Cats a Slayin'.
James, P. D.: The Mistletoe Murder and Other Stories (collection).
Jarvis, Nancy Lynn: Buying Murder.
Jecks, Michael: The Boy Bishop's Glove Maker.
Jeffers, H. Paul: Murder on Mike.
John, Cathie: Add One Dead Critic.
Johns, Madison: The Great Christmas Caper; Meows, Magic & Elves.
Johnson, Craig: Death Without Company; Christmas in Absaroka; Spirit of Steamboat.
Jonasson, Ragnar. Whiteout.

Jordan, Cathleen: A Carol in the Dark.
Jordan, Jennifer: Murder Under the Mistletoe.

Kales, Jenny: Spiced and Iced.
Kane, Henry: A Corpse for Christmas (aka Homicide at Yuletide).
Kaplan, Arthur: A Killing for Charity.
Kappes, Tonya: Freshly Ground Murder, Tangled Up in Tinsel; Christmas, Criminals, and Campers; Eggnog Extortion & Evergreens.
Katz, Fred: Not a Creature Was Stirring.
Kaufman, Karin: The Witch Tree.
Kavanaugh, Brian: A Canterbury Crime.
Kaye, M. M.: Death in the Andamans.
Kellerman, Faye: Sacred and Profane.
Kelley, Lee Charles: 'Twas the Bite Before Christmas.
Kelly, Mary: The Christmas Egg.
Kelly, Sofie: A Midwinter's Tail.
Kelner, Toni L.P.: Mad as the Dickens.
Kendrick, Stephen: Night Watch.
King, John: The Big Mouth.
King, Laurie R.: A Monstrous Regiment of Women.
Kingsbury, Kate: No Clue at the Inn; Ringing in Murder; Shrouds of Holly; Slay Bells; Decked with Folly; Mistletoe and Mayhem; Herald of Death; The Clue is in the Pudding; Mulled Murder.
Kinsey, T.E.: Christmas at The Grange; A Merry Murder.

Kirby, Peter. The Dead of Winter.
Kisor, Henry: Season's Revenge.
Kitchin, C.H.B.: Crime at Christmas.
Kitson, Bill: Killing Christmas.

Klavin, Andrew: When Christmas Comes.

Kleinholz, Lisa: Exiles on Main Street.
Knight, Alanna: The Dagger in the Crown.
Knight, Bernard: Crowner's Quest.
Knight, Kathleen Moore: They're Going to Kill Me.
Koch, Edward I.: Murder on 34th Street.
Koontz, Dean R.: Mister Murder; Santa's Twin; Robot Santa.
Kuhn, Cynthia: The Study of Secrets.
Lake, M.D.: A Gift for Murder; Grave Choices.
Landreth, Marsha: The Holiday Murders.
Lane, Vicki: In a Dark Season.
Langley, Bob: Death Stalk.
Langston, Josh & Barbara Galler-Smith: Christmas Beyond the Box.
Langton, Jane: The Shortest Day--Murder at the Revels; The Memorial Hall Murder.
Lanyon, Josh: So This is Christmas.
Lanyon, Josh & Sarah Black: I'll be Dead for Christmas.
Lathen, Emma: Banking on Death.

Latimer, Rupert: Murder After Christmas.
Lavene, Joyce and Jim: Treacherous Toys; A Dickens of a Murder; Murder Fir Christmas.
Lawley, Cate: Makin' a List.
Lawrence, Alfred: A Christmas Killing.
Lawrence, David: Cold Kill.
Lawrence, Hilda: Blood Upon the Snow; Death of a Doll.
Lawrence, Treat: Q As in Quicksand.
Leach, Christopher: A Killing Frost.
Lee, Amanda: Better Off Thread.
Lee, Ashton: A Cherry Cola Christmas.
Leon, Donna: Blood from a Stone.
Levine, Joan & Gail Owens: The Santa Claus Mystery.
Levine, Laura: Death of a Neighborhood Scrooge.
Lewin, Michael Z.: The Enemies Within.
Lewis, Ted: Carter's Law.

Licio, Adriana. A Mystery Before Christmas.
Lin, Harper: Fur-Miliar Felines; Killer Christmas.
Little, Constance: The Black-Headed Pins.
Livingston, Nancy: Quiet Murder.
Loan-Wilsey, Anna: Anything But Civil.
Locke, M. Louisa: Kathleen Catches a Killer.
Locke, William J.: A Christmas Mystery.
Lockridge, Richard: Dead Run.
London, Collette: The Peppermint Mocha Murder.
Long, Manning: Vicious Circle.
Lord, Christopher: The Christmas Carol Murders.
Lourey, Jess: December Dread.
Luber, Philip: Deadly Convictions.
Ludwig, Ken: The Game's Afoot OR Holmes for the Holidays.
Lyttek, Susan. Plundered Christmas


More to come. Here's a link to the first list (that's been updated since posting). Christmas Mysteries, Authors A-E