Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Cartoon of the Day: Writer's Life

 From Tom Gauld:

2022 Viktor Crime Award

English author Stuart Turton won Germany’s 2022 Viktor Crime Award for The Devil and the Dark Water, a standalone historical thriller first released in English in 2020. 

This announcement was made earlier in November at Mord am Hellweg, Europe's largest international crime festival.” 

Shortlisted for the 2022 Viktor Award: 

Kazltes Herz (Cold Heart), by Henri Faber
Horvath und die verschwundenen Schüler (Horvath and the Missing Students), by Marc Hofmann. 


Watch the Three Pines Amazon Prime trailer.. The first two episodes will air this Friday, December 2 on Amazon Prime. Need to do something before the show? Read Louise Penny's latest novel, A World of Curiosities. It's a great read. It has it all: Ganache, Three Pines, all the supporting characters, art, food, a locked room, detection, and so much more. I think it's Louise's best yet! 

Want to subscribe to the Notes from Three Pines Newsletter? Nancy Reddy's latest issue had lots of food descriptions from the books. 


The Louise Penny Newsletter:

And a note from Louise Penny about the TV series:

Here's the trailer for the Three Pines TV series. In the midst of this fun one-minute trailer you might notice that the “Ruth” character describes Three Pines as a place that will expel people who don’t belong. I need to make clear that I fought and fought to have that line changed in the show. It is, as you know, the antithesis of what Three Pines is about. The fact it was not only left it in, but is now highlighted is troubling on so many levels.
It makes me wonder if they understand the heart and soul of the village. Three Pines is the soft landing, the open arms, the place at the table. In an often cruel and turbulent world, where physical safety can never be guaranteed, it is a place where we are emotionally safe. Because we are accepted. It is a place of friendship, of belonging, of acceptance and inclusion. No matter who you are. No matter what we believe. No one is turned away.
I just needed you to know that I did fight. And lost. But there is much to also commend the series, otherwise I wouldn’t be promoting it. I will always be honest with you.
That ridiculous misstep aside, I think you’ll like the trailer.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Cartoon of the Day: How Cats End Up with Nine Lives

Midsomer Murders: Season 23 premier date!

Good News!

Midsomer Murders: Series 23 premieres in North America on on December 12th

Homicide, blackmail, greed, and betrayal: just a taste of what goes on behind the well-trimmed hedges of Midsomer County in this deliciously sinister series. But the culprits are no match for DCI Tom Barnaby (John Nettles, Bergerac); his successor upon retirement, DCI John Barnaby (Neil Dudgeon, Life of Riley); and their assistants.

I can't wait. I love this series. I've seen it all the way through at least twice..some episodes more than twice. Just an FYI: I saw the Series 23 premiere date on and one other place, but I haven't found much out about the series itself. I'll update if this information proves wrong. 

Monday, November 28, 2022


Updated: November 29:

Sad news. Mystery author, teacher, and friend Shelley Singer (1939-2022) passed away of heart failure and other complications on November 10. 

Shelley Singer was the author of 12 novels, including the Jake Samson Mystery series. She taught fiction writing and worked one on one with writers as a manuscript consultant on nonfiction, literary novels, and in every genre from memoir to mystery to science fiction to horror.

Shelley grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and began her working life as a reporter with UPI in Chicago. During a checkered and brief journalism career, she met many famous people, at least two of whom were murdered, and many not-so-famous who are still alive. She lived for a very long time in beautiful Northern California before returning home to Minneapolis with her wife Polly Podolsky.

I met Shelley through Mystery Writers of America. She was always supportive, friendly, and funny. She will be missed.

Meredith Phillips, Perseverance Editorial Services:
Shelley Singer died on November 10. Perseverance Press/John Daniel & Co. were privileged to publish the final book in Shelley’s Shamus-nominated Jake Samson series, ROYAL FLUSH. (I hoped there would be more, but alas, no.) Shelley wrote presciently of the white supremacist groups who’d like to take over the US (now more than ever, 23 years later). And yet the book was fun to read and edit, written with a light touch in spite of the serious subject.

Shelley was one of our first two authors, along with Janet LaPierre, whom we also published in Fall 1999. As a new publisher, I greatly appreciated their faith in entrusting their books to our hands. I'd first met Shelley a few years before that, at an MWA or SinC meeting where I was on a panel. I think I "had her at hello," when I described Jake Samson as “a feminist’s dream of a PI”! I learned a lot about the Bay Area through her books—and I still miss exploring it with Jake and Rosie, wonderful series characters.

I haven’t seen an official obituary, but I believe Shelley is survived by her wife, Polly, and her daughter, Sonya. She was born in 1939, and she will be missed.