Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mystery Bytes: Upcoming TV News

Just a few additions to TV Mystery News. 

I mentioned that Lucy Liu would be in the new Sherlock Holmes series set in NYC (!!), and it's official. The full series of seven shows has been greenlighted on CBS. Also stars Jonny Lee Miller.

Body of Proof with Dana Delany about a Philadelphia medical examiner has gotten the go ahead for another season on ABC.

FX has picked up TV rights to Chelsea Cain's thrillers featuring serial killer Gretchen Lowell.

ABC Family developing (doesn't mean it will air) to a teen mystery series called The Keys about a mysteriouos island resort.

The CBC announced its fall 2012 lineup, which includes Murdoch Mysteries, recently dropped by Citytv. Set in 19th-century Toronto and starred Yannick Bisson as detective William Murdoch and Hélène Joy as pathologist Julia Ogden. The new series will move into the 20th century.

The CBC is including its first original police procedural, Cracked, (from the writer of Flashpoint and The Bridge), starring David Sutcliffe as a Toronto police officer suffering from PTSD assigned to the psych unit. 

Hat Tip: BV Lawson for updates and news!

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vallerose said...

I love the Murdoch mysteries. I watched the first two series through Netflix. They are lighter than the three TV movies that were made staring a different actor. Those are darker, and follow the books more closely. Both are well worth it.
Why another Sherlock? For traditional we have Rathbone and Brett, for non-traditional we have the new ones from the BBC. Time to find another author to serialize.