Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Crime Fiction: A List

Thanksgiving. I have a lot to give thanks for -- my family, my friends, and the wonderful mystery community. Once again we'll be going to my sister's home for a multi-generational Thanksgiving --ages 2 to 92! My family is as dysfunctional as most in the U.S., but we didn't stoop to murder! That can't be said for the families in the following updated list of Thanksgiving Mysteries. As the saying goes, "Families are like Fudge, sweet with a few Nuts thrown in." As always, please let me know about any titles I've missed.

And, if you're cooking the turkey or baking the pies, be sure to check out Mystery Lovers' Kitchen for Thanksgiving recipes and cooking techniques from Mystery Writing Cooks Avery Aames, Julie Hyzy, Jenn McKinlay, Riley Adams, Cleo Coyle, & Krista Davis. 

My own Chocolate blog, has some recipes this year and last for stunning Thanksgiving dishes including Chocolate Pumpkin Pie and Chocolate Turkey Rub, White Chocolate Mashed Potatoes and Pumpkin and Chocolate Recipe Round-Up and More this week! Be sure to check out

Thanksgiving Mysteries

Laura Adlen, Foul Play at the PTA
S.H. Baker The Colonel's Tale
Mignon Ballard, Miss dimple Disappears
Bob Berger The Risk of Fortune
William Bernhardt, Editor, Natural Suspect
Kate Borden Death of a Turkey
Lilian Jackson Braun The Cat Who Talked Turkey, The Cat Who Went into the Closet
Carole Bugge Who Killed Mona Lisa?
Sammi Carter Goody Goody Gunshots
Christine E. Collier A Holiday Sampler
Sheila Connolly A Killer Crop
Isis Crawford A Catered Thanksgiving
Bill Crider w/Willard Scott Murder under Blue Skies
Amanda Cross Trap for Fools
Barbara D'Amato Hard Tack
Mary Daheim Alpine Fury, Fowl Prey
Jeanne Dams Sins Out of School
Claire Daniels Final Intuition
Evelyn David Murder Takes the Cake
Krista Davis The Diva Runs Out of Thyme
Michael Dibdin Thanksgiving
Joanne Dobson Raven and the Nightingale
Christine Duncan Safe House
Janet Evanovich Thanksgiving (technically a romance)*
Jessica Fletcher & Donald Bain A Fatal Feast
Katherine V. Forrest The Beverly Malibu
Noreen Gilpatrick The Piano Man
Martin H. Greenberg (editor) Cat Crimes for the Holidays
Jane Haddam Feast of Murder
Lee Harris The Thanksgiving Day Murder
J. Alan Hartman, editor, The Killer Wore Cranberry
Robin Hathaway The Doctor Makes a Dollhouse Call
Richard Hawke Speak of the Devil
Victoria Houston Dead Hot Shot
Ellen Elizabeth Hunter Murder on the ICW
Melanie Jackson Death in a Turkey Town
J. A. Jance Shoot Don't Shoot
Faye Kellerman Serpent's Tooth
Harry Kemelman That Day the Rabbi Left Town
Clyde Linsley Death of a Mill Girl
Georgette Livingston Telltale Turkey Caper
Nial Magill Thanksgiving Murder in the Mountains
G.M. Malliet Wicked Autumn
Margaret Maron Up Jumps the Devil
Evan Marshall Stabbing Stefanie
Ralph McInerny Celt and Pepper
Leslie Meier Turkey Day Murder
Deborah Morgan The Marriage Casket
Louise Penny Still Life
Cathy Pickens Southern Fried
Ann Ripley Harvest of Murder
Willard Scott w/Bill Crider Murder under Blue Skies
Sarah R. Shaber Snipe Hunt
Sharon Gwyn Short, Hung Out to Die
Paullina Simons, Red Leaves
Denise Swanson Murder of a Barbie and Ken, Murder of a Botoxed Blonde
Marcia Talley Occasion of Revenge
Jennifer Vanderbes Strangers at the Feast
Debbie Viguie I Shall Not Want
Livia J. Washburn The Pumpkin Muffin Murder
Leslie Wheeler Murder at Plimoth Plantation
Angela Zeman The Witch and the Borscht Pearl

Let me know if I've forgotten any titles!


Barb Goffman said...

Hi, Janet. Untreed Reads Publishing has put out another Thanksgiving anthology this fall: THE KILLER WORE CRANBERRY: A SECOND HELPING. It was edited by J. Alan Hartman.

Janet Rudolph said...

Thanks, Barb, and I can't wait to read your story in that anthology..

Barb Goffman said...

Thank you, Janet. I hope you enjoy it.

Vicki Delany said...

One of my earlier books from Poisoned Pen, Burden of Memory, takes place over Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. Does that count? Turkey is eaten, stories are told, families fight.

Elizabeth said...

I don't remember Thanksgiving in WICKED AUTUMN.

Janet Rudolph said...

Elizabeth, I'll check with G.M., but I know there's a Harvest Faire..not exactly Thanksgiving...but similar

Elizabeth said...

Mmhmm, yes there was the harvest fair, but being as the book is in England and Thanksgiving is in the US....That was a good book, made my best of list last year and am looking forward to the "Winter" book next.I wonder if there will be four books in the series then, one for each season.

Lois said...

Just finished Burn Out by Marcia Muller. It's set in November and ends at a Thanksgiving party.