Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Peter Robinson's DCI Banks on PBS!

Thanks to The Rap Sheet for alerting me to this great news!

Peter Robinson reports on his Web site that DCI Banks, the UK TV production based on his long-running series of Inspector Alan Banks books, starring Stephen Tompkinson, “is coming to PBS all across the United States.” The series according to Robinson is set to debut here sometime in January.  Can't wait!!!

The other good news is that the DCI Banks is set to film a third series of six one hour episodes based on three books still to be determined. Filming will take place between August and November 2013, for broadcast early in 2014.  That, of course, is in the UK, as we have yet to see the first season.

Peter Robinson talks about the DCI TV series HERE:


Marlyn Beebe said...

What wonderful news! Thanks for sharing, Janet!

Priscilla said...

Thank you, Janet, for spreading the word. PR is one of my favorite craftsmen.

Nan said...

Yay, hooray!!!

Vallery Feldman said...

I look forwards to this. I think Stephen Tompkinson is a good choice for Banks. I have seen him in a variety of roles.