Thursday, August 25, 2016

BBC to film SEVEN more Agatha Christie Adaptations

The BBC confirmed yesterday that there will be seven more Agatha Christie adapations over the next four years. And Then There Were None, starring Aidan Turner and Maeve Dermody, came out last year (now on AcornTV in the U.S.)

Filming is underway on the adaptation of Christie’s short story "The Witness For The Prosecution" that will be a two-part drama starring Kim Cattrall and Toby Jones.

There will still be another seven after The Witness For The Prosecution airs, with TV bosses confirming three of these will be Agatha’s works Ordeal By Innocence, The ABC Murders, and Death Comes As The End.


Priscilla said...

Any hope these will be in PBS?

Janet Rudolph said...

We can hope, but And Then There Were None was on Lifetime and now on AcornTV..