Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Mystery Readers Journal: Changes in 2016 Themes

Changes in 2016 Mystery Readers Journal Themes

The response to the Mystery Readers Journal: Small Town Cops -- Call for Articles was overwhelming. We had so many essays, articles, and reviews that Kate Derie and I decided to split this theme issue into two issues.

So 2016 (Volume 32) themes are New York City Mysteries I, New York City Mysteries II; Small Town Cops I; Small Town Cops II. Themes in 2017: Midwest Mysteries; Murder in Wartime; and more to come. Possible 2017 themes: Big City Cops which will probably be two issues. Small Town Cops I (Volume 32:3) will be out in October.

Call for Articles:

Still time to write an author essay for Mystery Readers Journal: Small Town Cops II. Send by October 15 to janet@mysteryreaders.org

If you have a mystery set in the Midwest or a Mystery set during Wartime, consider writing an author essay. 500-1500 words, first person, upclose and personal about yourself, your books, and the 'theme' connection. Add titles and 2-3 sentence bio/tagline. Reviews and articles welcome. Send to: janet@mysteryreaders.org

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Jane Risdon said...

Oh how annoying, I'd love to try this although I have visited many small tows in thh USA I don't think my experiences would help em write anything like this, even with research - no time now. Perhaps another time, another theme and perhaps in England???? Pretty please. Good luck everyone. :)

john said...

Thank you