Saturday, July 8, 2017

Endeavor: Season 4

I've just finished watching Endeavor Season 4 on PBS pressroom, and it's a great season. Sadly, it's too short--only 4 episodes. Season 4 premieres Sunday, August 20, 2017 at 9/8c on MASTERPIECE Mystery!

Shaun Evans portrays the cerebral and solitary Detective Constable Morse in Endeavour, written by Inspector Lewis creator and Inspector Morse writer Russell Lewis. The series is, of course, based on the Morse books written by the late Colin Dexter.

Season 4 is set in the summer of 1967, and the effects of the Cold War and sixties counterculture are being felt in Oxford. The four episodes are entitled “Game”, “Canticle”, “Lazaretto” and “Harvest.”

Here's the ITV trailer. Series 4 aired previously in the UK.


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Priscilla said...

I love the series. And loved the Lewis series as well as the original Morses. Rewatch all as a treat!