Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Links to the Macavity Award Short Story Nominees

Thanks to Paul D. Marks for collating the links to the Macavity Award Nominated Short Stories.
Macavity ballots will come out on August 1st. Here's your chance to read the nominated short stories. They're listed below, alphabetically by author’s last name. Just an FYI: The stories by Craig Faustus Buck, Paul D. Marks, and Art Taylor are free to read. The others are links to books in which they appear.

Lawrence Block, “Autumn at the Automat”:

Craig Faustus Buck, “Blank Shot”:

Greg Herren, “Survivor’s Guilt”:…/…/1943402345

Paul D. Marks, “Ghosts of Bunker Hill”:

Joyce Carol Oates, “The Crawl Space”:

Art Taylor’s, “Parallel Play”:

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Art Taylor said...

Thanks for hosting us! And congrats to all the finalists!