Friday, July 22, 2016

Dashiell Hammett Prize 2016- Gijon

The 2016 Dashiell Hammett Prize – awarded each year by the International Crime Fiction Festival, la Semana Negra de Gijón - has been bestowed to the novel Subsuelo by the Argentine writer Marcelo Luján. 

Marcelo Luján was born in Buenos Aires in 1973. His published works -- novels and collections of short stories include Flores para Irene (2004), En algún cielo (2007), El desvío (2007), La mala espera (2009), Arder en el invierno (2010), Moravia (2012), Pequeños pies ingleses (2013), Subsuelo (2015), and one dozen stories appearing in anthologies in several countries. His work has been used for public campaigns to promote reading, the love of reading, and has been translated into many other languages. His work has been recognized in Spain where he has received the following prizes: Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Ciudad de Alcalá de Henares for Narrative, Kutxa Ciudad de San Sebastián for Tales in Castilian, and Ciudad de Getafe for Crime Novels. He was runner up for the Argentinian Clarín Prize for Novels in 2005.

FYI: In case you're confused. The North American Branch of the International Association of Crime Writers awards their Hammett Prize for a work of literary excellence in the field of crime writing by a US or Canadian author.

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