Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Poison Lady Luci Zahray

I happened tacross this great interview with Poison Lady, Luci Zahray. I've met Luci several times, and each time I'm amazed at her knowledge of poisons. Wouldn't want to become her enemy. Thanks to Kate Flora for this interview. Kate's latest Thea Kozak mystery is Stalking Death.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps Homeland Security should look into Ms. Zahray's public presentations. Telling the world that they can get enough arsenic to poison 20 people from mouse poison purchased at Wal-Mart seems as unwise as Tom Clancy detailing how JAL pilot Ito, flying a 747 filled with jet fuel, dive-bombed the U.S. Capital during a join session of a work of fiction BEFORE 9/11!!!