Saturday, December 20, 2008

Janet Rudolph on Jungle Red Writers Blog

Want to find out more about me (Janet Rudolph)? and about 6 fabulous writers? Go to Jungle Red Writers. Hallie Ephron interviewed me yesterday on this great Blog. O.K., I'm not all that interesting, but check out the other interviews and blogs and websites.

Hallie Ephron just got a starred review in PW for her new stand-alone Never Tell a Lie (HarperCollins 1/09). Rhys Bowen is Guest of Honor at Left Coast Crime 2009. Other members of Jungle Red Writers: Rosemary Harris, Hank Phillippi Ryan, Jan Brogan and Roberta Isleib.


Hank Phillippi Ryan said...

You certainly ARE 'that interesting'! And we love having you on Jungle Red.

In fact, I have another question for you--I'm putting it in right now.

xoxo Hank

Janet A said...

I loved the interview. And you are a very interesting person. I don't hang out with dullards.

I am guessing #4 is the lie.

Hallie Ephron said...

Hey, Janet --

Thanks for gracing Jungle Red with your presence.

You're a very convincing liar, by the way. I do believe that you'd have a special cat Dashiell Hammett. That you're a TV addict? Still???? Maybe. That you have a second home in Bodega Bay, site of the Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds? That's too good NOT to be true.That you wrote a mystery novel in 1979 under the pseudonym Janet Berenson entitled Murder on the Menu in which the murder weapon was food? LOL. I don't THINK so!