Friday, May 6, 2011

Kentucky Derby Mysteries

The 137th Kentucky Derby will take place on Saturday. Read a few horse-racing mysteries to set the mood for the day. Be sure and have some Derby Pie, too, it's filled with chocolate, bourbon and walnuts or pecans. I have a round-up of Chocolate Kentucky Derby recipes on Dying for Chocolate. Be sure and read tomorrow's post on the Kentucky Derby by author Sasscer Hill.

Kentucky Derby Mysteries:
Triple Crown by Jon Breen

Triple Cross by Kit Ehrman
Intercept by Mary Jane Forbes
Silent Partner by Karen Jones
Snip by Doc Macomber
Murder at the Kentucky Derby by Charles Palmer

Kentucky Derby Short Stories:
"The Gift" by Dick Francis is set at the Kentucky Derby. It is in the collection Field of Thirteen. "The Gift" first appeared as "A Day of Wine and Roses" in Sports Illustrated, 1973.
Derby Rotten Scoundrels: A Silver Dagger Anthology, edited by Jeffrey Marks
Low Down and Derby, a collection of fast paced mystery stories set around the Kentucky Derby, by fifteen authors from the Ohio River Valley Chapter of Sisters in Crime.
Murder at the Races, a collection of Short Stories including "A Derby Horse", edited by Peter Haining.

Authors who Write Horse Mysteries (not the Kentucky Derby):
Gabriella Herkert, Sasscer Hill, Jody Jaffe, Carolyn Banks, Michelle Scott, Laura Crum, Mary Monica Pulver, Rita Mae Brown, Janet Dawson, Maggie Estep, Dick Francis, John Francome, Alyson Hagy, Michael Kilian, Lynda La Plante, John McEvoy, Bill Shoemaker, Laura Young, Lyndon Stacey, JD Carpenter

And there once was a thorough-bred named Mystery Novel. He did not win the Kentucky Derby.


J F Norris said...

There's an old Crime Club novel called Murder at the Kentucky Derby by Charles Parmer. He apparently was involved in teh horse racing world and lived in the state. Didn't write a lot of mysteries, though. I think it total output was two or three - all set in Kentucky, some dealing with the race world. According to Library Thing he also wrote a non-fiction book about Thoroughbred racing in America (For Gold and Glory).

Sarah Glenn said...

Thanks for including Derby Rotten Scoundrels and Low Down and Derby. Those are the anthos my chapter did. Gwen and I both had stories in Low Down and Derby, so we're both tickled to have you mention it.

Nancy Lauzon said...

Hi Janet,

Happened upon your blogs by accident, but glad I did. I love chocolate and horses and mystery writing. I'll definitely try that Derby Chocolate Pecan Pie, it sounds amazing!

Nancy Lauzon, author of the Chick Dick Mysteries

Janet Rudolph said...

Thanks for the updates!

Priscilla said...

Mystery Novel may not have won the race, but he surely solved the mystery of why that crime occurred... Off to find a piece of that Derby Pie!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this list! -- BrendaW.