Friday, August 26, 2011

A&E picks up Longmire

WOOT! (now a word in the OED)

According to TV/LINE A&E has given a 10-episode, first season order to Longmire, an hour-long Western-themed drama starring Matrix actor Robert Taylor as the show’s titular charismatic, dry-witted Wyoming sheriff. Katee Sackhoff will play Vic, one of his deputies.

The series, based on the Walt Longmire Mystery series by Craig Johnson, also stars Cassidy Freeman (Smallville) as Longmire’s daughter, Lou Diamond Phillips (Numb3rs) as his best friend, and Bailey Chase (Saving Grace) as another deputy.

Can't wait for the series? Get reading. There are 7 books in the series. Craig Johnson was recently in Berkeley for a Literary Salon with Mystery Readers NorCal.  

Photo: Craig Johnson & Me--I'm the one wearing Craig's Stetson :-)

Hat Tip: Omnimystery News


J F Norris said...

Very cool! Such great books. Just left a comment on someone's blog about how Johnson is so underrated. This ought to give him a very high profile. Too bad I am not a cable subscriber. Nuts. Can only hope the shows will end up on DVD someday.

Carfair said...

Yea! I will definitely be watching this series.

delruel said...

Totally agree about Craig Johnson being underrated.

So glad to be blessed with cable. Wouldn't miss this series for the world.

And unlike the new Jack Reacher movie, Longmire is being cast with a lead actor who is truly believable as Walt Longmire.