Saturday, July 27, 2013

Leighton Gage: R.I.P.

Such very sad news. Leighton Gage has passed away.

He was such a wonderful man and writer. My sympathy goes out to Eide, the family and all his friends. He will be missed.

This was posted by Melina Gage Ratcliffe, daughter of my Murder is Everywhere colleague, mentor, and friend, Leighton Gage:

My mother, my sisters and I are devastated to announce the passing of our father, Leighton Gage. Thank you friends and family for all the love and support.

A message from Eide Gage:
My Dearest Friends,
The light of my life was extinguished last night.
Leight passed to eternity peacefully in his sleep.
Should we cry because he died or smile because he lived?"

May God bless Leighton's wonderful, giving, caring soul. There has never been another like him. We shall miss him dearly.

Read the Soho Press Obituary Here. 

Read a repost of a 2011 guest blog by Leighton Gage on Fiction vs Reality vs Fiction HERE.


Priscilla said...

I grieve for his wife and family. He was one of my favorite writers but i never had the pleasure of meeting him and telling him that.

Jordan Dane said...

Sad news. Leighton was in my debut authors group for ITW and he helped me research one of my books and taught me how to curse in Brazilian Portuguese. Such a dignified and generous man...and gifted writer. I love his books. He will be missed.