Sunday, October 20, 2013

New Philip Marlowe for ABC

Variety reports:

ABC is developing a contemporary spin on Raymond Chandler’s enduring gumshoe Philip Marlowe, shepherded by “Castle” showrunner Andrew Marlowe and Michael De Luca

Fellow “Castle” scribe Terri Edda Miller is co-writing the script with Marlowe (pictured above with Miller). The pair exec produce for ABC Studios with De Luca, a film vet who has become active in TV in recent years. 

Marlowe and Miller’s spin on the hard-boiled, wise-cracking private eye is described as a “sexy and stylish” update on the character whose job famously took him into the seamy side of the City of Angels. 

The bar is high for scribes and prospective stars, because it’ll be hard to top the work of Dick Powell in the 1944 pic adaptation of “Murder, My Sweet” or Humphrey Bogart in 1946′s “The Big Sleep.” 

Marlowe has been the showrunner of ABC’s “Castle,” the murder-mystery drama starring Nathan Fillion, since its inception. Miller is a writer and consulting producer on the show. De Luca’s TV projects include TNT’s upcoming drama “Mob City” and a redo of “Shogun” for Fox.


vallery said...

I would say the bar is very high. There was a very good Marlow series on early HBO which I found on Netflix. Chandler along with Doyle are my two all time favorite crime novelists. So I worry when I hear about updates. But I do like the new BBC Sherlock so I will wait to see before I make anymore comments. I am also a fan of Castle. Maybe it will be OK.

Graham Powell said...

The pic is from that early HBO Marlowe, with Powers Booth. It was very good. I dread the new adaptation, though.