Monday, December 9, 2013


The Gum Shoe Site (Jiro Kimura) reports that 82-year-old English author Colin Wilson passed away on December 5. Wilson “became famous at 26 when his first book, The Outsider (Gollancz, 1956), hit the street … He was a prolific writer of philosophy, literature, history, and the occult. He also wrote science fiction as well as crime fiction, including Ritual in the Dark (Gollancz, 1960), The Glass Cage (Barker 1966), and The Schoolgirl Murder Case (Hart-Davis, 1974), which is the first of the Inspector Gregory Saltfleet series.”

HT: The Rap Sheet

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vallery said...

Never heard of him but he seems to have written an astonishing number of books. Another author to discover. always sad to read about a death.