Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Book Bags for Readers

If you're a book person like I am, you can't have enough book bags. I have a 'collection', although they're not displayed as such since they're employed 'toting' books hither and yon. I've found book bags at flea markets, gotten them at book conventions and book shows, and occasionally I've even purchased them. That, of course, cuts down on the procurement of books.

Today Maddie Crum has a great article in the Huffington Post on 17 Tote Bags Book Lovers Will Absolutely Adore. I call them Book Bags, but they do 'tote' the books around.

Here's one of interest to Mystery Readers... but do be sure and check them all out. Do you have a favorite book bag? Post in a comment.

Poe-ka Dots from Out of Print

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