Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New MA in Crime Fiction at University of East Anglia

From The Bookseller:

The University of East Anglia is adding a Masters in Crime Fiction to its Creative Writing program, which will launch in September 2015.

The new Masters will address the genre from a critical, theoretical and historical perspective as well incorporating a large Creative Writing component. Publisher Little, Brown will be supporting the course by sponsoring a £3,000 award for one student and also reading the manuscripts each student will produce by the end of the course, providing feedback and links to publishing opportunities.

It will be a low-residency course, with students attending three short residential periods a year over the two-year program. These residential periods will introduce students to key industry professionals, including literary agents and publishers, and major writers in the genre, who will run masterclasses. Ongoing creative and critical projects, presentations and interactions will continue between visits to the UEA.

The MA will also be launching with at least one full fees bursary, provided by UEA’s Centre for Creative and Performing Arts.

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Priscilla said...

I love this! Hurrah for UEA,4

Clark Lohr said...

Yeah, smoke that, my alma mater, the University of Arizona, which does only literary fiction--and smoke that all American MFA programs who do only literary fiction.