Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Bob Adey: R.I.P.

Robert (Bob) Adey, fan, collector, and scholar, passed away just before Christmas. Born in 1941, Bob was the author of the 1979 Locked Room Murders. He published a second revised and enlarged edition in 1991. He also published several anthologies: Death Locked In (with Doug Greene), Murder Impossible (with Jack Adrian), 20 defis a l'impossible (with Roland Lacourbe) and 18 Locked Room Puzzles (with Idetoshi Mori). Bob was a real mystery fan and contributed to many fanzines including CADS over the years. He was Fan Guest of Honor at the 1990 London Bouchercon.

Read Martin Edwards tribute here.


Rick Robinson said...

He will be missed!

Michael Gora said...

I have several of his books including his original "Locked Room Murders", which is a major classic. Still, I'm surprised that prices for this on Amazon now range from $699 to $1500.

Janet Rudolph said...

I had no idea, Mike. I, too, have all his books.