Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ngaio Marsh Award Longlist

This is my fifth (or fourth?) year judging the Ngaio Marsh Award, and I always find it so exciting. With this year's longlist, I get to revisit some of my favorite New Zealand writers, as well as being exposed to new ones...ones whose books don't always make it to the States. The Ngaio Marsh Award is the brainchild of Craig Sisterson! 

Craig announced the New Zealand Ngaio Marsh Award Longlist today! According to Craig, the books range "from dark and violent thrillers to quieter mysteries and character studies tied up with crime, as well as a range of geographic and chronological settings." 

The Nominees
Drowning City, by Ben Atkins (Random House)
Five Minutes Alone, by Paul Cleave (Atria)
Databyte, by Cat Connor (Rebel e-Publishers)
The Petticoat Men, by Barbara Ewing (Head of Zeus)
A History of Crime: The Southern Double-Cross, by Dinah Holman (Ravensbourne)
Trilemma, by Jennifer Mortimer (Oceanview)
Swimming in the Dark, by Paddy Richardson (Upstart Press)
The Children’s Pond, by Tina Shaw (Pointer Press)
Fallout, by Paul Thomas (Upstart Press)


Keith Raffel said...

Who is eligible? New Zealand writers published anywhere?

Janet Rudolph said...

Yes, the authors don't need to live in New Zealand, nor set their books there. They do need to be from New Zealand, however...and I think, but I'll check, New Zealand citizens.

Kiwicraig said...

Hi Keith - the Ngaio Marsh Award is open to New Zealand citizens, regardless of where they live in the world, and New Zealand residents. This means that authors born in New Zealand but living abroad qualify, as do writers living in New Zealand for a substantial amount of time, even if they were born in other countries or haven't become citizens (eg Neil Cross, a UK author who moved to New Zealand 12 years ago, etc). Hope that helps.

The books don't have to be published in New Zealand - just published in English somewhere in the world (eg three of this year's longlist were first published in the UK or USA)

Priscilla said...

I am so grateful to Janet for postings like this. There are superb writers globally who need to be discovered by more readers who love quality prose, complex characters, and love to enter into places we need to know more about. NZ may be well-known but it is much more fun to read about it from those who know it best.

Keith Raffel said...

Thanks, Janet and Craig. Just authorial curiosity.