Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Call for Articles: Big City Cops


The next two issues of Mystery Readers Journal (Volume 33:3 & 4) will focus on Big City Cops. Looking for reviews, articles, and Author! Author! essays. Reviews: 50-250 words; Articles: 250-1000 words; Author! Author! essays: 1000-2500 words. Author essays are first person, about yourself, your books, and the 'Big City Cops' connection. Think of it as chatting with friends and other writers in the bar or cafe about your work and your Big City Cops connection. Add title and 2-3 sentence bio/tagline.  

Deadline: September 10. Let me know if you need more time. We will have two issues. There will be a second deadline.

Send to: Janet Rudolph, Editor. janet @ mysteryreaders.org. Please forward this request to anyone you think should be included.

Call for Articles for 2017 (Volume 33): Big City Cops 1, Big City Cops 2). Have titles, articles or suggestions for these upcoming issues? 
Want to write an Author! Author! essay?  
email Janet Rudolph  janet @ mysteryreaders.org

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