Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Agatha Raisin: AcornTV

It's Official: Agatha Raisin returns to Acorn TV this year. Acorn TV has commissioned a second season of the charming British mystery Agatha Raisin!

This series is not exactly faithful to the characters, but I love the actress and the production values, and it's what it is--very fun and enjoyable! So glad to see the series will be continued. If you haven't seen Love, Lies & Records with Ashley Jensen, give that a go. It's currently on AcornTV. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Serious but with humor.

Agatha Raisin is based on M.C. Beaton’s best-selling novels, the Acorn TV Original follows London PR whizz turned amateur sleuth Agatha Raisin (Ashley Jensen, Love, Lies & Records, Ugly Betty) after she opts for early retirement in a small village in the Cotswolds and becomes entangled in mischief, mayhem, and murder.

Series 2 begins production in April 2018 for a late 2018 premiere. Series 2 will adapt three of MC Beaton’s novels, The Wizard of Evesham, The Curious Curate, and The Fairies of Fryham and will be available internationally as three 90-minute television movies or six 45-minute episodes.

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Kate said...

I wish I liked this more, as you say the production values are great and the actress is talented and I will watch any UK mystery but this I just can't warm up to.

I guess the book Agatha is too much in my head and this one is too nice

It is very much tidied up for TV