Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Mystery Blogs

Last night at my Mystery Book Group, we talked about mystery blogs. How do you find them? How do you remember them? What is special about them? And more. Some mystery blogs are filled with information and links and special features such as J. Kingston Pierce's The Rap Sheet. Some are all reviews, some focus on special topics such as cozy mysteries, noir, thrillers, or food and mysteries, but the bottom line is everyone posts to share with the community. And, this year Bouchercon has a new award: Best Online Content: for a website/blog focused on mystery/crime fiction.

On Monday Jungle Red Writers contributors posted their favorite Mystery Blogs. I was totally surprised to find Mystery Fanfare there. Check out the favorites of Jungle Red Writers Ingrid Thoft, Jenn McKinlay, Hank Phillippi Ryan, Deborah Crombie, Rhys Bowen, Hallie Ephron, Lucy Burdette, and Julia Spencer-Fleming. Thanks for including Mystery Fanfare.

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What are your favorite mystery blogs? Why?


Lmaczmarek said...

There’s this one called Mystery Fanfare that I get in my email daily. Wouldn’t miss that one and then The Rap Sheet. Those are the only two I get regularly and then wander around to others when I have time.

Dana King said...

My go-to mystery blogs are
Do Some Damage
The Kill Zone
BOLO Books Blog

I'm a little pressed for time or I'd provide the links. All can easily be found with quick Google searches.