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Setting The Scene for BAR NONE: Guest Post by Cathi Stoler

Cathi Stoler:
Setting The Scene for BAR NONE

When I sat down to write, BAR NONE: A MURDER ON THE ROCKS MYSTERY, I already had a cast of characters swirling around in my head. I saw then as real, flesh-and-blood people, and how I planned to portray them was very visual. I wanted my readers not only to get to know them through the storyline, but also to see their faces, bodies, personalities and quirks, as well. Wow, I thought. This book would make a great movie—at least in my mind.

I know, I’m not the only author who feels this way; the lure of film seems to beckon us to try and create memorable characters that will jump right off the page and onto HD screens everywhere. And really, what better setting than a New York City bar and restaurant on the Lower East Side to make this happen? It’s a neighborhood with a rich film history. The Gangs of New York, When Harry Met Sally and Moonstruck are just a few of the movies set there. Could BAR NONE be next? I could only hope!

With that in mind, I decided to make it easy for any producer or director to just pick up the book and go with it, so I did my own, pre-casting for the main characters.

Jessica Biel as Jude Dillane, co-owner of The Corner Lounge, working the bar that is her pride and joy. Tall, willowy thin with spikey black hair and gray eyes. A character more goth than glam, thirty-something Jude has had some trouble in her past. The Lounge has been her salvation, at least up to now, until she gets involved in murder and fraud, thanks to her pal, Thomas “Sully” Sullivan, who recruits her for an undercover assignment.

Alec Baldwin as Thomas “Sully” Sullivan, a former Lieutenant Commander in the Marine Corp. Sully has brush cut gray hair, blue eyes and is in good shape for a man in his fifties. Sully is Jude’s landlord and friend. He usually keeps her company at the bar, knocking back a glass of Jameson, then turning the empty glass over and rapping his knuckles on the bar to signal he’s done. If Alec Baldwin isn’t available—although I can’t imagine he’d turn down such a great role—there’s always Bruce Willis or Kevin Costner.

Scott Eastwood as George Ramirez, the hot guy at Big City Food Bank, who Jude meets when she goes undercover there to ferret out a murderer. George is dark and handsome with heavy-lidded, sexy brown eyes and full, sensual lips. Is romance on the horizon? You’ll have to read the book to find out. If Scott Eastwood is otherwise engaged, Chris Pratt would fit the bill, as well.

—Tom Hiddleston as Dean Mason, the tall, blond-haired, blue-eyed bartender at The Lounge who women can’t seem to resist. He’s Jude’s main man at the bar and a would-be actor using this gig to prepare for stardom. As you might imagine, Cocktail, is his favorite movie. This was a hard call. James Norton also would be perfect. Maybe I’ll let the director decide this one.

That’s my story and the option is still available. Just let me know if you’re interested.

Cathi Stoler was an award-winning advertising copywriter until she turned to writing mysteries and stories. She’s received The Derringer for Best Short Story for “The Kaluki Kings of Queens. Her latest novel, BAR NONE A MURDER ON THE ROCKS MYSTERY is available on Amazon at Find out more about Cathi at

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Catherine Maiorisi said...

Hi Cathi,
I too visualize my characters as I'm writing and hear their voices in my head. I'm told that I write visually (but I don't see it, not joking) and an agent rejected the book by saying this should be a movie. I've never done this with A Matter of Blood but it seems like an interesting excercise which I will have to try one of these days.

I can't wait to read Bar None when it comes out to check my perceptions against yours. Though who am I to question the creator.