Saturday, October 19, 2019

Books to Movies: The Chain; The Secrets We Kept


I really enjoyed Lara Prescott's debut The Secrets We Kept. I highly recommend it. It's a well-written mystery about two typists drafted into the CIA to complete an unusual assignment- to smuggle the Doctor Zhivago Manuscript out of Russia. Who doesn't like a book about a book? It's about the Cold War, philosophy, spies, relationships and more. Now The Ink Factory and Marc Platt Productions have secured movie rights to The Secrets We Kept.

Adrian McKinty's The Chain is another great read that deserves to be made into a movie. So no surprise that movie rights for The Chain sold for seven figures to Paramount. The Chain, as I've mentioned before on this blog is a departure for McKinty, and a very successful one. It's a thriller, one that aims at the core- - what would you to do rescue your child from a kidnapper? Read it now.

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