Tuesday, November 5, 2019


Mystery Readers Journal: Private Eyes I (Volume 35:3: Fall 2019) is available now as a PDF and hardcopy. Subscriber copies have been mailed. This is the first installment of this theme. Private Eyes II will be out Winter 2019-2020. We are still looking for articles and author essays for the next issue. Thanks to everyone who contributed to these issues. 

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PRIVATE EYES I (Volume 35:3)

  • Big Sleep vs. Big Lebowski: Chandleresque Masculinity, 80 Years Later by Austin Wright
  • Three PIs in Their Sodoms: Hollywood, Hoboken, Galway by Jay Gertzman
  • Old-Time Radio’s Best, and Last, Private Eye by Jim Doherty
  • All My Best Eyes Are Private by Lawrence Block
  • Detecting: It’s All in the Details by Cara Black
  • Dude, You’re Not Wearing Any Pants! by Tracy Clark
  • Of Thugs and Heroes by Sean Carswell
  • There’s No Such Thing as Private Eyes by Mark Coggins
  • Nate Heller and Mike Hammer by Max Allan Collins
  • Finding My Path Along The Trail Blazed by Others by Matt Coyle
  • Captivating PIs and the Creation Process by Rich DiSilvio
  • My Introduction to Private Eyes by Parnell Hall
  • Laughing Into the Darkness by Jack Fredrickson
  • Easy Work by Russell Hill
  • My First PI by Aimee Hix
  • My PI Is a Real Person… More or Less by Nancy Lynn Jarvis
  • The Many Guises of the Private Eye by Vaseem Khan
  • Think of Me as the Antidote to Dennis Lehane by David Housewright
  • Stand Down by Gay Toltl Kinman
  • You Want Your PIs Hard, Soft, or Medium-Boiled? (With a Side of Procedural) by B.V. Lawson
  • The Mysterious Heart of the PI by Chris Knopf
  • Fifty Years On by Michael Lewin
  • A 19th Century Private Eye Takes on the Wild West by Ann Parker
  • What Is It About the Private Eye, Anyway? by S.J. Rozan
  • Barker and Llewelyn: Private Enquiry Agents by Will Thomas
  • The Journalist as Private Eye by Charles Salzberg
  • The Psychic PI by Nancy Cole Silverman
  • My Medieval Detective Is Closing Up Shop by Jeri Westerson
  • Mystery in Retrospect: Reviews by Sandie Herron, D.J. Lutz, L.J. Roberts
  • Just the Facts: Ray Schindler, Shamus by Jim Doherty
  • The Children’s Hour: Private Eyes by Gay Toltl Kinman
  • In Short: The Private Eye by Marvin Lachman
  • Crime Seen: PIs — Not Just Tough Guys by Kate Derie
  • From the Editor’s Desk by Janet A. Rudolph

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