Friday, July 29, 2022


Beyond Paradise: Death in Paradise Spin-Off 

From Deadline:

The BBC and BritBox have commissioned a spin-off of BBC drama favorite Death in Paradisewith Kris Marshall’s DI Humphrey Goodman character making a return in the UK.

Marshall played the lead role in the show’s third-to-sixth season before being replaced by Ardal O’Hanlon and Beyond Paradise will spotlight his return to being a DI in his home nation. Beyond Paradise will be distributed internationally by BBC Studios and be available in all Britbox international markets outside of Australia.

Beyond Paradise will be on BBC1 in the UK and BritBox in the US in 2023. 

Humphrey was last seen finding love with Martha. Martha left Saint Marie, leaving Humphrey devastated. But Humphrey then returned to London and declared he'd move to be with her. And that appeared to be the end of the story. However, in Beyond Paradise we find the pair living together in rural Britain. Martha is now his fiancee and Humphrey is hoping for a quieter life. He has a new DI job, but surprise surprise his new hometown has a very high murder rate! 

Speaking to Digital Spy, Kris said that the show will be exactly what the fans will be hoping for, but that it will have its own "unique" feel. He explained that the show will: "follow on [from] Humphrey and Martha's storyline, from when he left Death in Paradise and Saint-Marie, and their rural life back in rural England, adding "Of course, being Humphrey, he's brilliant but you know... he's a slightly odd gentleman." 

He continued: "I can't really say much about what happens, but what it is about the scripts that I really love, Tony Jordan's done a beautiful job on the two or three scripts I've seen. It's exactly what you hope for in terms of if you're a fan of Death in Paradise. Obviously, it's not in the Caribbean, but it's in its own paradise. It's got its own new twist on it. "What's really lovely is everything about the new scripts are brand new, and yet they sort of remain... it's a juxtaposition really of having what you're used to and what we really love about Death in Paradise, but having a new spin on it. 

I think it's really unique and like a comfy blanket as well. I think it's going to be, I hope Death in Paradise fans are going to take to it straight away", he said. 

Various news sources report that many of the characters from Death in Paradise will make cameo appearances. I can't wait.


Unknown said...

I can't wait.

Death in Paradise is one of my favorite shows. Seeing him in a spin-off will be great!

Anonymous said...

Can’t wait to see it!

Carol said...

We can't wait! He is the one we miss, this is great news for this Michigan couple.💘

Carol said...

We can't wait! He is the one we miss, this is great news for this Michigan couple.💘

Anonymous said...

I know that will be well worth watching ❤️

Anonymous said...

He was my favorite DI in DIP! I look forward to the new show!

Anonymous said...

This is exciting