Wednesday, January 10, 2024


Reminder: Deadline is Looming - 4 day extension: January 19! Please contact me if you plan to write a review, articles, or Author Essay:  janet @ mysteryreaders . org

Call for Articles: Mystery Readers Journal (40:1): Mysteries set in Southern California

We're looking for articles, reviews, and Author essays about Mysteries set in Southern CaliforniaAuthor essays are first person, about yourself, your books, and the "SoCal" connection.

Author Essays: 500-100 words. Treat this as if you're chatting with friends and other writers in the bar or cafe (or on zoom) about your work and the Southern California setting in your mysteries. Be sure and cite specific titles, as well as how you use the Southern California setting in your books. Add title and 2-3 sentence bio. 

Reviews: 50-250 words. 

Articles: 500-1000 words.

Deadline for Mysteries in Southern California (40:1) articles, reviews, author essays: January 19, 2024:
 Send to: Janet Rudolph, Editor.  janet @ 
mysteryreaders . org

Please let us know if you're planning to send an article, review, or author essay!

SUBSCRIBE TO MYSTERY READERS JOURNAL for 2024: Mysteries set in Southern California; Murder Takes a Holiday (Mysteries that take place while on vacation); London Mysteries; and one more (info to come).

Historical Mysteries I: Available as PDF or Hardcopy.

Private Eyes I & Private Eyes II : Available as PDF or Hardcopy.

Extreme Weather Mysteries: Available as PDF or Hardcopy

Italian Mysteries:  Available as PDF or Hardcopy

Senior Sleuths: Available as PDF or Hardcopy.

Gardening Mysteries: Available as PDF or Hardcopy.
Have titles, articles, or suggestions for upcoming issues? Want to write an Author! Author! essay? contact:   janet @ mysteryreaders . org

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