Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Agatha Christie's MURDER IS EASY: March 1 on Britbox

At last we have a date for the latest Agatha Christie production of Murder is Easy in the U.S.  --  March 1 on Britbox. This show premiered in the UK last Fall. I love a great period Christie production. I'm looking forward to watching.

Based on the classic Agatha Christie Mystery, Murder is Easy tells the story of Luke Fitzwilliam who finds himself on the trail of a serial killer after meeting Miss Pinkerton on a train to London. 

From The Guardian:

This vintage crime tale replaces an English police officer with a Nigerian attaché. It tackles race, feminism and class, while still being quintessentially English. 

The cast includes Penelope Wilton, Mark Bonnar, Mathew Baynton and Jon Pointing. The busiest of the lot, though, is Industry’s David Jonsson, who stars as Luke Fitzwilliam, refashioned from the retired English police officer of the original novel into a Nigerian attache, who has travelled to the UK to take up a position at Whitehall. The action, of which there is plenty, has been moved forward a couple of decades, to 1953, and there are reworkings of certain characters and plot points. Screenwriter Siân Ejiwunmi-Le Berre’s tweaking of the story suggests an inventive and imaginative new take on the 1939 original. The first half takes the most liberties with its source material and is by far the strongest, hinting at Fitzwilliam’s divided loyalties as a member of the ruling elite and a colonised subject of a nation close to independence. His conversations with his Nigerian friends in London, about pride, duty and obligation, make the prospect of him being dropped into a mostly white country village in the mid-20th century even more tantalising a dramatic prospect.

Yet this early promise soon fades into the background as Murder Is Easy settles in as a quintessentially BBC Christie adaptation.

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