Sunday, March 13, 2016

16 Reasons to be Proud of Being a Book Hoarder

Love this article with 16 Book Quotes from the Huffington Post.  16 Reasons to be Proud of Being a Book Hoarder.

Your tallest TBR pile nearly collapsed on your cat the other day. You're out of both bookshelf space and space for more bookshelves. Your best friend has started meaningfully reading passages from Marie Kondo's The Magical Art of Tidying Up to you. You nearly started crying when your boyfriend suggested donating your old textbooks.

Sound familiar?  Read the article, here. 


LJ Roberts said...

When I mentioned to a friend that when/if I move, I'll have to get rid of my books, she was devastated. "But I always think of you with your books." she said, "I can't imagine you without books."

Susan C Shea said...

Oh yes, this is us. You know what I have special, irrational unwillingness to part with? Cookbooks. In fact, I just bought a used copy of the late Barbara Tropp's delightful first book based on her cooking at China Moon. These days, it takes 30 seconds to find 10 recipes for Panna cotta online and a half hour to dig three out of my Italian cookbooks. But I can't bring myself to throw any away and some are quite collectible (ethnic, old, small edition).