Friday, March 25, 2016

Maigret starring Rowan Atkinson

If you're lucky enough to get ITV1 (U.K.), you'll be able to watch the new Maigret starring Rowan Atkinson. This is, of course, Georges Simenon's Inspector Maigret. There will be two Maigret specials in 2016, each 2 hours long. The first to air will be Maigret Sets a Trap (March 28).

Here are some great articles about the new productions. Be sure to scroll down to see the trailer.

Rowan Atkinson on Inspector Maigret, the artistic value of comedy, and playing an ordinary Man. (From the Independent) 

Inspecting Maigret: Rowan Atkinson puts on his thinking hat (from The Guardian)

Rowan Atkinson on ITV's Maigret: "I really wasn't sure I could do it."  (from The Guardian)

Hope these will migrate across the pond.

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