Thursday, May 3, 2018

Midsomer Murders, Series 20, US Premiere Today on AcornTV

In a May surprise for British mystery fans, Acorn TV announced today’s U.S. Premiere of the 20th season of one of the longest running and most popular series in British television history. Midsomer Murders, Series 20 is now available to subscribers.

The 20th Season of the smash hit series features six brand-new feature-length mysteries: The Ghost of Causton Abbey, Death of the Small Coppers, Drawing Dead, The Lions of Causton, ‘Til Death Do Us Part, and Send in the Clowns. Earlier today, Acorn TV received the go ahead to premiere the series as soon as possible, so they added it immediately for fans to enjoy.

Called “Phenomenally enjoyable… this show has only gotten better and better through the years” (Paper magazine) and easily one of the world’s most popular detective series, Midsomer Murders has entertained audiences for more than two decades. Inspired by the novels of Caroline Graham, modern master of the English village mystery, the ongoing series stars Neil Dudgeon as Detective Chief Inspector John Barnaby. Homicide, blackmail, greed, and betrayal are just a taste of what goes on behind the well-trimmed hedges of Midsomer County.

Detective Chief Inspector John Barnaby (Neil Dudgeon) and Detective Sergeant Jamie Winter (Nick Hendrix, The Crown, Marcella) investigate the cozy villages of Midsomer’s most sinister secrets. Called a “glorious streaming service… an essential must-have” (The Hollywood Reporter), Acorn TV is North America’s most popular streaming service focused on British and international television from RLJ Entertainment (NASDAQ: RLJE).

The Ghost of Causton Abbey: Causton is buzzing at the opening of a new brewery on the site of a famously cursed Abbey. But excitement turns to fear when a man is found boiled to death in one of the vats.

Death of the Small Coppers: When a butterfly collector and founding member of an elite IQ society is found murdered, DCI Barnaby and DS Winter are thrust into a crime that impacts not only on their community, but internationally.

Drawing Dead: Carver Valley’s comic festival is in full swing when the village is shocked by the murder of a former supermodel. With a scathing comic shaming several villagers as the only lead, Barnaby and Winter are left trying to separate fact from fiction.
The Lions of Causton: Barnaby gets to relive his former days of sporting glory when a death at the local Rugby Club sends Barnaby and Winter into a muddle of rucks and old grudges.

‘Til Death Do Us Part: Barnaby is less than impressed when Sarah drags him to a family friend’s wedding. But things soon go from bad to worse when tragedy strikes, and Barnaby is called into action to catch a murderer with an apparent penchant for local brides.

Send in the Clowns: Things take a gruesome turn when the circus comes to town, bringing with it a chain of sinister clown sightings, threatening notes and deathly dangerous circus acts.


Mary said...

Yay! for this. I just finished watching the complete show through Series 19 a couple of weeks ago and was wishing for new episodes, in fact, had just started rerunning the from Episode 1.

Anonymous said...

Acorn.... what on earth is Acorn? We use (and pay a monthly subscription fee for) Netflix, Amazon, HULU, CRAVETV... at $12 per that's already more than an average Cable Service monthly bill... now you expect us to buy some Acorn thing too? How about we buy that BBC debacle, Brit Box while we are at it... and then we can all be spending $70 bucks a month (plus taxes) on top of our regular cable TV bills. Oh my yes... (NO!) Again, what nut-case removed this programming from the North American STANDARD service, Netflix and put it on some nutter of a new service nobody HAS? Oh yeah, the BBC - the same nuts who lost Clarckson to Amazon... Way to go guys, another galactically stupid idea!

Unknown said...

So season 20 will not be on Netflix right?

Unknown said...

For anyone who lives in the Northeast US (I'm in New Jersey), Cablevision Xfinity is having a free preview week for Acorn TV; all six episodes of series 20 are available week of Aug 13-18, 2018

Anonymous said...

Acorn TV and Britbox both have series (season) 20. They are also both available as Prime Video Channels on Amazons Prime Video.

Mary said...

I have Amazon Prime but how do I find britbox or acorn tv channel?

Unknown said...

You still have to pay extra for acorn through Amazon prime. Really sucks!

Mycroft60 said...

I’m not paying extra for season 20! I will just have to start over at season 1.

Anonymous said...

why isn't the new season on Netflix??? :o

Unknown said...

Same question— WHY ISN’T SEASON 20 ON NETFLIX?????????? This is ridiculous; never even heard of Acorn and won’t be subscribing to yet another channel when NETFLIX is supposed to be keeping customers up to date with the latest broadcasting shows !!!!!!!!!