Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Demise of Kate Derie's ClueLass and Deadly Directory websites

Kate Derie, Associate Editor, Mystery Readers Journal, is best known as ClueLass. She's been the editor of Cluelass for many years. I knew she was closing down the website, but her fans will be happy to know that she will continue to edit Mystery Readers Journal.

It's very sad. Kate's Cluelass site and Deadly Directory were a great service to the mystery community. Times change, technology changes, and projects generated from the heart can't continue forever.

Here's a note Kate sent to The Rap Sheet, one of my favorite sites for up to the minute info, reviews and so much more.

I’m sorry to announce that is closing down. After 13 years, it’s time for me to pursue other interests. Thank you to everyone who has sent messages over the years.

Dave Robeson has sent us a farewell extravaganza of over 500 books, available at the usual place ( The database will be taken down, but information about books from your favorite authors is available at Fantastic Fiction (
For those of you looking for information similar to what our Deadly Directory and Mysterious Home Page has provided, you might try Mystery Readers Journal (, for links to bookstores, magazines, and associations. It’s also a wonderful magazine with articles by many of your favorite authors, new and old.


vallerose said...

This is very upsetting. Kate's web site was a must for anyone interested in mysteries and happenings in he mystery community.

John T. Cullen said...

If I am not mistaken, ClueLass took over the Mysterious Homepage, created in the mid-1990s by a gentleman in Scandinavia. He listed some of my novels. The saving grace is that parts of these old primordial internet pioneering sites are maintained at the Wayback Machine.