Saturday, September 27, 2008

San Francisco Mysteries/Mystery Readers Journal

Mystery Readers Journal: San Francisco themed issue

San Francisco, everybody's favorite city, with its icon Golden Gate Bridge, heavy fog, beautiful buildings, Ocean, Bay, and multi-ethnic neighborhoods, makes it the perfect setting for so many mystery novels, films and TV shows. Once again I received an abundance of wonderful articles, reviews and author! author! essays for a themed issue. We're going to have two issues of San Francisco Bay Area mysteries (Volume 24: 3, 4), so I'll be pushing back the other themed issues. The Journal (Volume 24:3) will be out in October. This issue will be available in October online at: Mystery Readers Journal. I'll post more about this issue when it comes out. First issue has articles by Meg Gardiner, Don Herron, Sheldon Siegel, Lisa Lutz, Richard Lupoff and many more great mystery authors who set their mysteries in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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vallerose said...

This one I can't wait to get. As a born and bred San Franciscan I love getting magazines with book suggestions about the city. All the Journals are wonderful. I carried the Australian issue around for weeks looking for the books.