Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dracula, the Classic Vampire

Vampires are all the rage today, but the classic vampire novel of them all is Dracula by Bram Stoker. Leslie S. Klinger's New Annotated Dracula couldn't be more timely or more insightful. It's so enjoyable to read. Using the definitive edition of the 1897 text, this annotated edition contains examples of all the evidence, including contemporary travel books, scientific texts, Victorian encyclopedias, as well as Stoker's own notes for the narrative and the manuscript itself.

There are over 1500 annotations that provide incredible background on language, customs and history of Victorian England and end of century Europe. Maps, photographs, and illustrations round out this incredible book.

Leslie S. Klinger is the author of the 3 Volume New Annotated Sherlock Holmes which won the Edgar and was nominated for the Agatha, Quill, and Macavity Awards. Catch Les on TOUR now.


Anonymous said...

Hi Janet,

I just forwarded today's blog link to lots of people. The book is wonderful. When I saw it last night I thought I might break my library only rule and buy this book. Or put it on my Christmas wish list.

Anonymous said...

The Big D still is the top vampire story. A remarkable book. There's some wonderful horrific stuff in there. None of the many films made from it did Stoker any real justice. Reading it is still best.