Saturday, April 18, 2009

Earth Day Mysteries

In 1992, Mystery Readers Journal published an issue focusing on Environmental Mysteries. Here we are more than 15 years later, and there have been so many more mysteries written focusing on ecology, environment and more. I like to think that these mysteries make an impact on the reader. Day by day, little by little, we can make a difference. So I've put together an unannotated list of mysteries for Earth Day. It's not complete, so if I left off one of your favorites, let me know.

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Abbey, Edward: Hayduke Lives!, The Monkey Wrench
Ashwood-Collins, Anna: Deadly Resolution

Ault, Sandi: Wild Indigo, Wild Inferno, Wild Sorrow
Ayres, E.C: Hour of the Manatee, Eye of the Gator, Night of the Panther. Lair of the Lizard
Ballard, J
.G: Rushing to Paradise.
Barr, Nevada: Track of the Cat, A Superior Death, Ill Wind, Firestorm, Endangered Species, Blind Descent, Liberty Falling, Deep South, Blood Lure, Hunting Season, Flashback, High Country, Hard Truth
Winter Study, Borderline
Bingle, Donald J: GreensWord
Blake, Jennifer: Shameless
Box, C.J: Open Season, Savage Run, Winterkill, Trophy Hunt, Out of Range, In Plain Sight, Free Fire, Blood Trail

Burns, Rex: Endangered Species.
Charbonneau, Eileen: Waltzing in Ragtime
Cleeves, Ann: Another Man's Poison
Derrick, Lionel: Death Ray Terror
Elkins, Aaron: The Dark Place
Ford, Gerald M.: Who In Hell is Wanda Fuca?
Francis, Claire: A Killing Wind

Glass, Matthew: Ultimatum
Greer, Robert O: The Devil's Hatband
ng, Robert: McCampbell's War
Heywood, Joseph: Ice Hunter, Blue Wolf in Green Fire, Chasing a Blond Moon, Running Dark, Strike Dog
Hiaasen, Carl: most of the books.
Hoag, Tami: Lucky's Lady

Hockenberry, John: A River Out of Eden
Holt, John: Hunted
Hughes, Judy: The Snowmobile Kidnapping
Hughes, Mary Ellen: A Taste of Death
Irvine, Ian: The Last Albatross
Kilpatrick, Nancy & Michael: Eternal City

Liss, David: The Ethical Assassin
MacDonald, John D: Barrier Island
McAuley, Paul: White Devils
Moody, Skye Kathleen: Habitat, Wildcrafters, Blue Poppy, Rain Dance, K Falls, Medusa, The Good Diamond
Nunn, Kem: Tijuana Straits
O'Brien, Dan: Brendan Prairie
Poyer, David: The Dead of Winter, Winter in the Heart, As the Wolf Loves Winter, Thunder on the Mountain
Rehder, Ben: Buck Fever, Bone Dry, Flat Crazy, Guilt Trip, Gun Shy, Holy Moly
Rothenberg, Rebecca: The Shy Tulip Murders
Russell, Alan: The Forest Prime Evil
Russell, Kirk: Shell Games, Night Game, Dead Game
Schatzing, Frank: The Swarm
Smith, James Robert: The Flock
Smith, Wilbur: Elephant Song, Hungry as the Sea
Speart, Jessica: Gator Aide, Tortoise Soup, Bird Brained, Border Prey, Black Delta Night, A Killing Season, Coastal Disturbance, Blue Twilight, Restless Waters, Unsafe Harbor
Stephenson, Neal: Zodiac: The Eco-Thriller
Sundstrand, David: Shadow of the Raven, Shadows of Death
Wallingford, Lee: Clear-Cut Murder, Cold Tracks
Wells, Ken: Crawfish Mountain
White, Randy Wayne: Sanibel Flats, The Heat Islands, The Man Who Invented Florida, Captive, North of Havana, The Mangrove Coast, Ten Thousand Islands, Shark River, Twelve Mile Limit, Everglades, Tampa Burn, Dead of Night, Dark Light, Hunter's Moon, Black Widow, Dead Silence

For other holiday mysteries, check out the latest issue of Mystery Readers Journal: Crime for the Holidays or look back in past blogs on Mystery Fanfare.


Sue T. said...

Lisa Kleinholz's "Dancing with Mr. D": "Cassandra Dunne, a radical environmentalist trying to save the town's oldest maple tree from developers, is found dead." Wonderful book, long out of print (published in 2000) but available used.

J. Kingston Pierce said...

I think you ought to include Ross Macdonald's Sleeping Beauty (1973) on this list. The plots builds, in part, around the spilling of oil along Southern California's coastline and the deaths of wildlife--a cautionary tale for today's "drill now" yahoos.


Jerry House said...

One of Roger Simon's Moses Wine novels should be on the list. Read it years ago but I've forgotten the title. Wine's son was accused of eco-terrorism.