Friday, April 3, 2009

Sadly More Obits

The Gumshoe Site (reviews, notices and other mystery-related news) is in its 14th Year on the Web. Jiro Kimura is the brains behind the outfit. Jiro is a long-time supporter of the Mystery Readers Journal.

Hat Tip to The Gumshoe Site for the following Obits.

Michael Cox: author of M.R. James: An Informal Portrait (Oxford University Press, 1983), co-editor of The Oxford Book of Victorian Detective Stories (1992), The Oxford Book of Spy Stories (1997). Crime Novels set in Victorian England: The Meaning of Night (2006) and The Glass of Time (2008). March 31.

Lawrence Payne: Played Detective Sexton Black on British TV (1967-1971). Three Crime novels featuring Chief Inspector Sam Birkett. Nose on My Face (1961/US Title: The First Body, 1964). British amateur sleuth John Tibbett in Spy for Sale (1969(. Mark Savage, British Private Eye in Take the Money and Run (1982) and co-partners with Sam Birkett in Dead for a Ducat (1985). March 27.

Gordon Philo. Secret Intelligence Service Using the Charles Forsyte name with his wife Vicky Galsworthy. Diplomatic Death (1961) and Double Death (1965) featuring Richard Left. Also authored The Decoding of Edwin Drood (1980) completing Charles Dickens' unfinished novel. March 19.

J.D.F.Jones. Three thrillers under the pseudonym David Jordan Nine Green (1973), Black Account (1975), Double Red (1981). Under his own name. The Buchan Papers (1996). March 16.

James Purdy. Author of Malcom (1959), Cabot Wright Begins (1964), Eustace Chisholm and the Works (1967), and Out With the Stars (1992). March 14.

Diana Raymond. Author of Incident on a Summer's Day (1974), Roundabout (1995), The Seat Family (1997). and completed by Pamela Frankau, Colonel Belssinton (1968). March 11.

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pattinase (abbott) said...

I loved James Purdy in my youth. Such strange books.