Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Left Coast Crime 2010: Booked in LA

Don't miss Left Coast Crime 20: Booked in L.A. that will be held at the Omni Hotel, Los Angeles, March 11-14, 2010. Guests of Honor: Jan Burke & Lee Child. Toastmaster: Bill Fitzhugh. Fan Guest of Honor: Me !? Register now!

When's the last time you've been to L.A.? Never been to L.A.? Maggie Mason has put together several different ideas for you to extend and enjoy your time in Los Angeles at Left Coast Crime.


1. Forensic Science Day / Sharpen your forensic skills at the Crime Lab

2. Nominate your favorite book for 2009

3. Read the winner of every Lefty Award from the beginning of LCC

4. Los Angeles was home to the original masters of the noir mystery-- Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, and James M. Cain. Read their books, toast them with their favorite cocktails, rent movies that were based on their stories and characters, and then go to L.A. and see for yourself the city that inspired them, or at least kept them in a noir mood while they wrote their masterpieces.

5. Tour L.A. with mystery guides

6. Read a Bruce Alexander / historical winner

7. Be up close and personal with our honored Guests

8. Celebrate the launch of Stephen J. Cannell’s latest book

9. Get inside Michael Connelly’s L.A.

10. Meet the Kellerman family: Jonathan and Faye

11. Hobnob with some of the world’s best writers

12. Find 20 mysteries that were set in Los Angeles , the home of LCC 2010. Give them as gifts to your friends and family. Not only does this save you the stress of thinking of a gift for everyone on your list, it also gives you a chance to suggest that going to LCC 2010 would be a fun thing to do together!

13. Strike up a conversation with your favorite author at the bar

14. Place a bid in the silent auction on a book you really want

15. For fans of L.A. Confidential – you can still drink at The Frolic Room on Hollywood near Vine

16. Walk down Grand Avenue and explore the Disney Symphony Hall

17. Visit the Los Angeles Central Library on 5th st. to admire the architecture and sculptures

18. Dine at the Tail of the Pump where kitsch is king

19. Drive up Mulholland Drive at night and see the lights over L.A. ; then drive over to the other side and see the Valley lights

20. Have drinks or eat at Musso and Franks Grill

O.K. I'll be there. Will you?


Jack Bludis said...

Sounds like all good stuff. I've done a lot of it. I hope I can make it out there for this trip.

Jack Bludis

Janet Rudolph said...

Love to see you there!