Thursday, June 17, 2010

Father's Day Mysteries

I posted a list of mysteries last year for Father's Day and thought I'd update the post here with the addition of only two more titles and a few more comments. Let me know if I have forgotten a mystery.
Father's Day: another holiday, another list. Although not as many mysteries as for Mother's Day, there are a few. Not a lot of originality in the titles, but quite a variety in types of books.

Father’s Day by John Calvin Batchelor
Father’s Day by Rudolph Engelman
Father’s Day Keith Gilman
Dear Old Dead by Jane Haddam
The Father’s Day Murder by Lee Harris
Day of Reckoning by Kathy Herman
Dead Water by Victoria Houston
Father’s Day Murder by Leslie Meier
Father’s Day by Alan Trustman

Murder for Father, edited by Martin Greenberg (short stories)

I posted this list the other day, but as I was working on my DyingforChocolate Blog, I started to reminisce about my father. I think similar comments belong here. My father, Joseph Rudolph, passed away 8 years ago, but it seems like only yesterday. He encouraged and supported me throughout my varying careers and educational pursuits, and he always told me I could accomplish anything and succeed in whatever I tried.

One thing we shared in common was our love of mysteries. Over the years my taste in mysteries has changed. I read more hardboiled, dark mysteries now like he always did. You can't imagine how many times I finish a book and say to myself, "I have to send this to Dad. He'll love it." My father engendered a love of mysteries in me through his collection of mystery novels and Ellery Queen Magazines.

Here's to you, Dad, on Father's Day!

As his headstone reads,

Beloved husband, father, grandfather
Beloved physician, teacher, friend
A man who practiced chesed*
And loved his fellow men

*kindness, pure giving


Fathers day sms said...

Its very nice resource.I really appreciate you.You done a great job.Thanks for sharing with us.Don't stop your bloging.Keep it up....

Auntie Knickers said...

Another idea would be a list of mysteries having to do especially with fathers; Rex Stout's The Father Hunt, some of the Harry Bosch tales by Michael Connelly, are some that come to mind.

Janet Rudolph said...

What a great idea! Love it.. will do next year (if I remember)*

mybillcrider said...

Short story collection: MURDER FOR FATHER contains a story by me.

Janet Rudolph said...

Thanks, Bill, and I've added it.

vallerose said...

Your comments are very touching and heartfelt.I don't think as often of my father but my mother lives with even though she has been dead for 6 years.

Susan C Shea said...

Isn't it a gift to be able to call up a warm, living memory of someone? Your post about your father was a lovely tribute to him. And, I'd like to know why you think you've moved more, over the years, toward the same kind of crime stories - the darker ones - that he liked?