Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Found Typewriters: Pottery Barn

I like Pottery Barn, and I enjoy perusing their catalogues. Sometimes I wish my house mirrored their rooms, but sadly their rooms never include floor to ceiling books.

In the latest catalogue I saw the following Ad for Found Typewriters. I see old typewriters at the flea market all the time, but I have no room for one, as it would take up valuable book space. However, I thought it funny that Pottery Barn has "searched antique fairs throughout Europe to put together this exclusive collection of limited-edition vintage metal typewriters. Rare relics from the early- to mid-20th century, they make a beautiful, one-of-a-kind decorative statement. Each bears the rare character and timeworn beauty of a vintage piece." 

An early to  Mid-20th Century Typewriter could be yours for $349 from Pottery Barn or $25-$50 from the Flea Market! 

FYI: You do not get to choose the Typewriter you want. Pottery Barn sends what they have. One question: If they have collected these tyepwriters from Europe, is the keyboard different? Important to know in case you want to give it a spin.

Somewhere in the garage, I have one of these 'vintage' typewriters. It was my mother's, and the one I used at home when I was little. Valuable antique? Maybe. Well, at least the keys haven't been ripped out to make jewelry.

I will admit they're really cool, and I like them. Example: Take a look at the Mystery Fanfare Banner!


Everything Coastal said...

oh my gosh, they are soooo copying Restoration Hardware! Or, is it the other way around. Pretty hilarious - and very sad to see the big chain stores even now trying to bite into the boutique stores unique ideas.

Think I won't shop there anymore. (need to support small business!)

Janet Rudolph said...

Good point about the small shops that sell these and other great stuff. If Pottery Barn is amassing them, what will be left?

Won't cross them off my list completely..not yet. After all, I got my full set of personalized "Rudolph" dishes, glasses, mugs and napkins there... just love them.. o.k. there's a reindeer, too.. but "Rudolph" works for this Rudolph and I didn't have to pay extra.

Yvette said...

I have an old gorgeous Remington. Didn't know Pottery Barn had put the stamp of approval on this sort of collecting. :) Mine is on a chest in my entranceway not too far from my 21st century computer. I like the juxtaposition. I paid 20bucks for it about six years ago.

Yvette said...

Janet, I posted a pix of my typewriter on my blog and linked my comments to your post. I was smiling ear to ear. To think I am a trendsetter and didn't know it. HA!

Jerry House said...

That catalog has so many 'found' items (typewriters, cameras, beer trays, etc.) I found it laughable. Pottery Barn seems to be trying to be an up-scale thrift store. They also seem to be doing quite a business in 'faux found' items.