Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Len Moffatt, R.I.P.

I received the news this morning that Len Moffatt, Sherlockian, Mystery and Science Fiction Fan extraordinaire,  passed away this morning. I knew he had been sick, but I never imagined he wouldn't make it.

Len and his wife June were involved in the very first Bouchercon. If it weren't for them, we wouldn't have this huge gathering of fans and writers every year. They chaired Bouchercon in Los Angeles in 1972, Culver City in 1976 and Pasadena in 1991. They were Fan Guests of Honor in San Francisco in 1985.

Len didn't attend Bouchercon in San Francisco this year, but Len and June were awarded the Don Sandstrom Memorial Award for Lifetime Achievement in Mystery Fanfdom. The last time I saw Len was at Left Coast Crime in March where we managed to have a very nice chat.

My sympathy goes out to June, the family, and the mystery community.

Bill Crider
Mike Glyer:  File 770
Richard Robinson
Steve Steinbock

Photo Credit: Janet Rudolph, Left Coast Crime, March 2010

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Unknown said...

Len was Mr. Bouchercon-a fine, quiet gentleman with a smile and an offering of friendship. He and June were a pair that always moved together and now the pair has been separated. Another loss in our community. Bill Gottfried