Monday, January 31, 2011

Crime Express Imprint

Five Leaves announces the re-launch of its Crime Express imprint in April 2011 with the release of four tales of crime and suspense.  David Belbin, series editor, presents three new novellas by authors Danuta Reah (who  also writes as Carla Banks), Charlie Williams and Ray Banks. The re-launch also includes a reprint of Stephen Booth's popular novella Claws, which sold out in its 2007 Crime Express edition.


vallerose said...

I just looked at their website. Some fascinating sounding books. The Crime Express imprints look good as well as the books of Jewish interest. I'll be giving their titles a serious look.

Ross Bradshaw said...

Thanks. We don't have a US distributor so anybody from over there would be well advised to order via as they offer post free.
Best wishes
Ross Bradshaw (Five Leaves/Crime Express)