Monday, July 23, 2012

Libraries Repurposed from Unused and Abandoned structures

Last week a WalMart store in Texas was recently converted into the country’s largest single story library, winning its category in the 2012 Library Interior Design Competition in the process. What a terrific solution to an abandoned store! Flavorwire, one of my favorite sites, decided to search out more Libraries Repurposed from Unused and Abandoned Structures, from large supermarkets to small phone booths and shipping containers. I've posted a few here, but always great to see more.. Following are a few.

Library repurposed from Walmart: McAllen, TX

Nassau Public Library: Nassau, Bahamas. Once a colonial jail, converted into a library in 1873.

Jackson Public Library: Jackson, NH, converted from a barn built in 1858.

Biblioteque Saint-Jean-Baptiste: Converted from a Church. Longueuil, Quebec
Here's a link to more.


J F Norris said...

I would love it if the majority of all EXISTING Walmarts were turned into libraries!

Dutcher said...

Great to see these libraries. Thanks for letting more people know of them!

Anonymous said...

Great idea, John