Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Odd Cremation Urns

How creative do you want to be about the remains of your nearest and dearest? Is a vase on the mantle enough?  Oddee.com has compiled an interesting collection of 12 Craziest Cremation Urns from various websites. I don't think that all of them are crazy, although a few are pretty creepy such as the urn modeled on your appearance. Some of them make sense to me. Be sure and check them all out.

Do you consider yourself green? Then you know that ash is an important nutrient. The following Biodegradable Urn contains a tree seed that gets its nutrients from your ashes. Talk about the ultimate recycling. You become a tree! Greening the planet.. Shades of Soylent Green?

My sister is very active in the Transferware Club, as well as being an antiques dealer in English transferware pottery. I think the following urn might interest her and her customers. Not old enough to be an antique, so maybe not. Still the technique harks back to Josiah Spode.

Seattle's Charles Krafft offers the dead the chance to be the container. He makes urns from human ashes, following a formula that Josiah Spode invented in 1797, producing fine English china glaze by adding calcinated cow bone to the company's clay mixture. His artwork includes this urn made from cremated human remains in the shape of a vodka bottle at the request of the deceased's friends.


Anonymous said...

I am totally doing the tree urn! I never really cared for cremation but now I am definitely doing it.

Louisa said...

That's a very creative cremation.