Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dennis Lehane: "So Proud to Be a Bostonian Tonight"

From Mystery Author Dennis Lehane's Facebook Page:

I still haven’t processed today, but some stray observations—

Every thought and every prayer goes out to the victims and their families and loved ones. What a senseless act of waste and violence.

This wasn't about Boston. This was about a global gathering of the finest runners in the world on a gorgeous spring day celebrating nothing but athleticism and a love of life itself.

It’s hard to imagine any people more inspiring than all those people who dashed across Boylston Street within seconds of the first explosion, and rushed to the aid of the injured. Didn't give their own safety a thought. Made me proud to be a member of the human race, which I think was the exact opposite of the effect the bomber was hoping for.

Great job by my buddy, Dave Robichaud, questioning the official assumption that the fire at JFK Library was part of the attack. He cut down on a lot of public hysteria in one fell swoop with solid, effective journalism.

When I watch the footage of the first explosion, I look at the Boston Public Library Main Branch across the street, and I think no matter who they turn out to be--Islamic jihadists, home grown militia, neo-Nazis, something else--what really scares them, what they truly hate, is the access to knowledge that building exemplifies.

Lisa Hughes of WBZ 4 has been a rock throughout the coverage all day and into the night--empathetic but level-headed, humane and so sharp.

Youngest victim is 8. Sigh. What can you do with that? If your "CAUSE" involves the death of kids, it's not a cause, it's a pestilence.

So proud to be a Bostonian tonight. So brokenhearted to be one, too.

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