Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day Mysteries: Father's Day Crime Fiction

Father's Day. My father passed away over 10 years ago, but I still think about him every day. He encouraged and supported me throughout my various careers and educational pursuits, and he always told me I could accomplish anything and succeed in whatever I did.

My father was the ultimate reader. His idea of a good vacation was sitting in a chair, reading a good mystery. It never mattered where he was, the book took him to other places.

My father and I shared a love of mysteries. Over the years my taste in mysteries has changed. I now read more hardboiled, darker mysteries. So many times when I finish a book, I say to myself, "I have to send this to Dad. He'll love it." Sadly, he's no longer here. My father engendered my love of mysteries through his collection of mystery novels and Ellery Queen Mystery Magazines. I like to think he's up there somewhere in a chair reading mysteries.

Here's to you, Dad, on Father's Day!


Father’s Day by John Calvin Batchelor
Father’s Day by Rudolph Engelman
Father’s Day Keith Gilman
Dear Old Dead by Jane Haddam
The Father’s Day Murder by Lee Harris
Day of Reckoning by Kathy Herman
Dead Water by Victoria Houston
Father’s Day Murder by Leslie Meier
Father’s Day by Alan Trustman

Murder for Father, edited by Martin Greenberg (short stories)
"Father's Day" by Patti Abbott --short story at Spinetingler
Collateral Damage: A Do Some Damage Collection  e-book of Father's Day themed short stories.

Let me know if I missed any titles. 


Kent Morgan said...

It was my late father who first got me reading mysteries. We lived in a small community in northern Manitoba with no library or bookstore and the only place you could buy paperbacks and magazines was at the tobacco shop. My father bought Erle Stanley Gardner, A.A. Fair and George Harmon Coxe, which I read after I got through all the Tom Swift in the small school libary and The Hardy Boys that usually were birthday or Christmas gifts. I still have some of my father's John D. MacDonalds in my collection so maybe I'll read one today.

Janet Rudolph said...

What a lovely memory, Kent..